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« on: June 28, 2005, 09:52:00 PM »
Hey I have heard from a few of ya...and boy is it cool! BETSY, CLAIRE and CAROLINA I LOVE YA!!! Anyway...I guess it would help to fill you in on me a bit...Ill make it breif. I successfully graduated from a small college in North was called Brevard Collge...I got a BA in English...which I have yet to use. However, I am now on the Board of Directors...guess those years in the Student Government paid off.
Anyway, while there, I joined the local Fire department and got my EMT license as well as a few high level rescue certifications...I did that for two and a half years in North Carolina. Then...I came home to visit right before I graduated and had a friend who worked on the Shelby County Fire Dept. here in Memphis, TN. He told me to apply and I did...not even dreaming that I would even get a second thought...but I got the job THAT DAY!! My new cheif gave me like five days to go back to NC, pack and move...and I did. I graduated college...packed a Uhaul with the help of a good friend and drove back and moved into a shabby little apartment my dad was able to find me. I started working for the Fire Dept running their EMS unit...BOY!!! I thought I had seen some tragedy in NC...I hadnt seen NOTHIN!! Also, while I was working with them I got a way cool job with F.E.M.A.(Federal Emergency Management Agency)...YEAH!! Who woulda thunk I coulda worked for the FEDS?!?!?! I was on what they call the Tennessee Task Force...I trained the search and rescue dogs...WAY COOL..but WAY BUSY!!! I made it there about six months before realizing I had NO LIFE...we trained four days a week about four hours a night!! So I sadly walked away from that and focused on Fire stuff...I had a dream to be either a SWAT medic or a Life Flight nurse on the helicopter. I applied with the Sheriffs dept and got accepted to their tactical training I had that door open. Well...about around November I began getting a little burned out...I had worked here for about a year. I was working 24-48 hours at a time and the stuff I had to see and deal with was haunting me so I didnt sleep so much. So with the great support of my dad, boyfriend, and coworkers I took some time off...about a week. I went back part time and tried to stay with it...but I was wearing out and saw myself losing it I went to my boss and told him I had to quit...:sad: I was about to start training with the sheriffs dept when I royally screwed up my they kicked me out of training for about 6 months! I had gotten into a real estate school during this time too and was thinking about a dramatic career I did it. I went to school and got my Real Estate license and began working in Mississippi, doing some management stuff for my dad then I got an offer from one of the local I decided to try...and I have been there for about a month now..and love it. So if anyone needs a house in TN or MS, give me a call hahaha. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Michael...who I live with and have been seeing about a year and a half...he has been a great support and friend through everything good and bad.
Anyway, that is the long and short of it. Sorry to drone on. If anyone wants to talk to me, please Hope all is well out there...cant wait to hear from ya.


Julie Robbins
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