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Roloff ministries
« on: September 15, 2004, 01:23:00 PM »
Hello, I never lived in the home, but I did attend the school there in the 90's And I too can honestly say that place was a cult lead by wicked people especially the Cameron family there was so much wrong doing there it's sad. Here they were preaching the bible making people believe that certain clothing, music, food and stupid little thing were wrong and poor children were being molested and beaten, husband and wifes were cheating on each other with other workers and farm people. I do remember the verse chanting the walking with your head bowed reading your bible, and god forbid you look over at the boys. I remember the "Dye Girls" which I guess were the new rebekah girls, we couldnt even talk to them the were treated like they had a disease. It's been a long time for me I guess not as long as all of you who lived it, and Im sorry. But I had wipe all of that out of my memory, when I got out of that school. but it's just so weird hearing all the names of all these people, like the camerons and mama and papa. Do any of you remember Mrs. Yoder, she was really sweet, I felt kind of bad for her because she really didnt know what was going on there. It just feels even though all there are years between most of you all and me it still seems like things never changed and it so wrong and its never been stopped.
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