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cults and hallucinations
« on: July 31, 2002, 08:05:00 PM »
It is a known phenomena that members of cults experience hallucinations as their bodies physically respond to sleep and food deprivation and also ritual mind control.

The Seed was a cult, plain and simple. All the elements of a cult were there, but my research indicates at least three important differences:

1) most cultic experiences are voluntary and by people 18 and older and  The vast majority of us were forced  into this cult.

2) Most people whom join cults do so at the dissaproval of their families. This cult was forced upon us by our families, and the ritual cultic experiences were not only condoned, but encouraged and celebrated by our loved ones.

3) The indoctrination process we experienced was far more rigid, intense, and long lasting than any "voluntary" cult I can find information on.

I remember coming home after about a month and I had been experiencing "melting" hallucinations while at the seed and at home. I kept quiet about it until my sis came home and somehow it came up. We both confessed to the same phenomena but were told that it was our bodies "cleansing themselves of drugs" and no one would seriously discuss it with us. No one asked or cared  that I hadn't even smoked pot for over a month prior to going in, that my young body had not even hit puberty yet, and that hallucinations can be caused by very serious medical situations.

no one would acknowledge the stress we had been under and attributed everything negative to drugs and everything positive to the Seed. Nevermind that I was never addicted to anything prior to going in the Seed. My first addiction ever was cigarettes which was openly encouraged by the Seed and my addiction escalated to over a pack a day.

Here are several articles that discuss cults and hallucinations.

first and most important, defining a cult:

One article states that 28% of scientologists upon exiting the cult experience hallucinations. Scientologists don't endure a fraction of the indoctrination we were subject to. ... lness.html

One poster on a straight site recently said that during group he would focus just above the head of the speaker and that a circle would appear and begin to change shapes and colors.
FINALLY,MY QUESTION: Does anyone else here remember experiencing hallucinations during or after the seed? Please post detailed yes or not responses. Thank you for your help.

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