Author Topic: Vision Quest At the Brink Of Destruction  (Read 3996 times)

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Vision Quest At the Brink Of Destruction
« on: July 18, 2004, 01:35:00 AM »
I am a parent and angry as hell.. Not about the so called racisim on this web site. Because anyone with a mind knows the N word is not always racial rather then meaning one ignorant mother fu**** . And that is what Vision Quest is full of . It must take one sick twisted ignorant piece of shit to abuse a kid who already been through hell and back and who clearly has some sort of mental problems. And that is what Vision Quests South Mountian Facility did to my son . And I am sure many many other teens who were there because us parents thought it would "Help" there twisted little minds!
Well ... thank you vision quest for turning my child into a scared,obnoxious,hateful,sleep deprived,bed wetting, self conscious, anorexic, stessed out 13 year old!
The abuse my child endured at the hands of these so called Drill instructors is nothing short of legal abuse ! Abuse that the counties and state must aprove of since report after report is made and yet they are still able to operate in state after state. If that were me abusing my child day after day they would take my rights to be a mother away and bar me from having any child in my custody as long as i live but these places can get away with tearing apart the very lives they are supposed to be rebuilding .
I think Vision Quest is a crock ! and that the drill instructors need the shit kick out of them one good time by the kids so they can see what it feels like .
What angers me even more is that is takes a child to loose their life before these so called Instructors are jailed! What is wrong with this picture ! Parents wake up ! if your child says they were abused at this place nine times out of ten they were .. and unless you advocate for them and do something to stop this shit ... Vision Quest and others alike will continue to build a nation of Angry humans who will eventually abuse others to get the anger out !!!!!
Lets stop them now!!
Anyone who would like to know more about my story or who would like to join me in finding a way to put these places out of business for good .. email me at [email protected]
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