Author Topic: Shodair Children's Hospital - Helena, Montana  (Read 3472 times)

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Shodair Children's Hospital - Helena, Montana
« on: July 04, 2023, 11:11:24 AM »
It seems that this place is turning into a death trap. 2 deaths related to this place.

Kayla Neal, 2019, traffic accident when she tried to escape
Angel Lynn Rolph-Jackson, 2021, Seems to have passed away while she was committed to this facility

Sounds like a for-profit facility with the regular understaffing and lack of care and security.


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Re: Shodair Children's Hospital - Helena, Montana
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2023, 04:11:24 AM »
Quote from: jhaentgesgirlable, Google review
My 12 year old daughter went to shodair because it's the closest place with inpatient for kids. She spent barely a week there and she changed completely! Now she is so cold and sometimes seems malicious. My beautiful girl who loved to hug her family, all of a sudden isn't comfortable with "physical contact" she is calling people losers and laughing about it. She is making fun of her brother in ways she never did before. I was very upset to hear that she was in a unit with boys as old as 17. A kid who is depressed and had suicidal ideation should not be permitted to paint her nails BLACK in a mental hospital. I know from personal experience that colors really do effect moods. So many other things I could say about this place. Maybe they should focus more on actual treatment and less on "spa days"!!!

Quote from: emma Swan, Google review
I went to shodair 3 times, and each time I came back the exact same, it's a good place to save you from yourself but overall it never gave me the help I so desperately needed. The staff whose there for the kids are amazing honestly, the ones who actually genuinely care are amazing. But overall my whole stay I didn't feel safe not once.

Quote from: momo gray, Google review
the best part about this place is probably the people, they?re very nice and some of the staff are alright.
the food sucks and i was put on a bunch of different medications, one of which was experimental and caused me to have such low blood pressure that i almost passed out.
while i think its okay as way to pick yourself back up and relax from your daily life, it?s definitely not too helpful in therapy aspects in my opinion. the activities got repetitive real quick and some of the staff were demeaning towards the kids, as well as under-qualified. it?s disheartening but i think that with some improvement it could be a decent place to recover.

Quote from: seth ring, Google review
This isn't a hospital it's a place for kidnaped children who 90% of the time don't need to be in there. My friend got in a verbal argument with her mom got sent here and came out more suicidal and constantly jumping

Quote from: Finn, Google review
I was there for 8months the first time. There are a few good staff but the system there is messed up. On residential only one of the therapists was actually licensed. They have no control over the kids and don?t know how to deescalate situations with out medication and qr time when most the time the kid just needs someone to talk to. Becca is one of the best staff there.

Quote from: Koi Chinikaylo, Google review
Only reason for two stars is I meet some very amazing people there and not all the staff were terrible. But don't send your kid here the food is barely considered edible and they will just drug you kid up with medication that clearly doesn't work. Also they didn't start checking that people took there medication till someone overdosed, also they let me pierce my nose well didn't let me but they didn't stop me and I did it at the nurses desk. I luckily had a good therapist when I was there but some of the other therapists were very concerning at least with what I heard from other patients. But it wasn't all bad you could tell that some of the staff actually cared which is more than I can say about other hospitals I've been to.

Quote from: Jon Novak, Google review
No amount of hand washing will help for blood is still on all of your hands. Escapes wouldn't happen if you kept the paitants under your closest eye! The town of Helena won't forget what happen. I am sorry for the mother of the child. But I show no pity for Shodair. The worst case of crisis handling I ever seen. This is why you don't hug the patients or let your ID/ key card hang freely off your person. No remodeling is going to cover up what happened that summer!

Quote from: mattie gaither, Google review
I definitely would never come back to this place. Two years ago I was on a one on one because I was suicidal and I ran away with one of my friends by a fire alarm. She was hit and killed by a vehicle and I was locked in a room for 48hours alone after. Then sent to another hospital. They handled it all super bad(with the exception of two staff members). We were not the first to run away so they should?ve fixed the issue; or we would?ve been safe.

Quote from: Ashley M. G, Google review
Someone had a successful suicide attempt in May 2021 when I was there, and according to Montana Public Radio, they shredded all documents related to the patient's death without even reporting the death to any government health agencies. One of the staff was also transphobic. The staff themselves were usually good, but the place was poorly ran.

Quote from: Octavia Counts, Google review
Please don?t send your kids here for outpatient therapy! I brought my 7 year old here to help her and also to help me help her with anger and emotions. Her therapist called CPS after 3 sessions! I understand that they are mandatory reporters but The claims were utterly ridiculous and she would have known this had she investigated just a little bit. Even just asking my daughter about it more probably would have cleared it up. I confronted her and asked nicely if it was her and she said she can?t tell me anything. I also asked her to talk to me about my daughter and what she thinks and what is going on and she refused. So I pulled my daughter from the therapy sessions because a therapist that doesn?t work with the parents and instantly calls CPS like it?s no big deal, is a terrible therapist! My daughter then confirmed that it was indeed the therapist who called CPS and that she said she would call CPS again if I took her out of therapy! Avoid the therapist named Bethany! She can call CPS again if she wants but my husband and I are excellent parents. We would never hurt our kids. CPS concluded it was a bogus claim the first time. Anyone that knows us knows we are loving, caring parents, which is why we put our daughter in therapy in the first place. The only thing this place did was call CPS.

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Re: Shodair Children's Hospital - Helena, Montana
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2023, 04:23:44 AM »
Quote from: MtGirl09, Google review
Screw this place! I've been waiting for 2 years to get help and they just passed the buck. TWO YEARS!! They just said they can't help and gave me information for things I've already been trying for 7 years that I told them from the beginning I've been trying. I begged and pleaded for help from this place and basically got a big EFF YOU.  If you're in need for help with your kiddo you won't get it from here.

Quote from: DWBonny, Google review
Many years ago, when I was employed as a substitute teacher at their previous location, the primary job qualification was willingness to respond to ?Dr. Armstrong? alerts, meaning yet another adolescent had lost it. We had to safely surround and restrain the individual until a doctor arrived to inject a sedative. The worst part, imho, was that it became glaringly clear that they were raking in lots of education $$$ under the guise of providing educational services to kids not exactly in the best frame of mind to benefit from being made to fill out boring social studies and other workbooks six hours a day, and I still wonder how much more money they made with their heavy-handed medications dosing after, in some cases, essentially driving kids further over the edge. My feeling was that they didn?t appear able to differentiate between those whose behaviors could only be managed with strong psychotropic medications and those who seriously just needed a caring soul to help them adjust to traumas and etc. Either that or they just didn?t care, on account of they had a business to run.  Personally, I would have been better off if I hadn?t stopped by and read so many reviews that prompted me to write this.

Quote from: Chris Swetish, Google review
This hospital should be shut down. They falsified records of my child; and the  worst part of it, is that my child got his foot slammed in the door and his toe got broken. They acted like this was nothing. The social worker was awful and was threatening to call CPS on me because I could not get off of work on her time to talk to her. I had to get lawyer involved. The lawyer and multiple doctors told me this is the worst place to send your child for psychiatric treatment. For the safety of your child, I would recommend to send your child to Missoula for treatment. The staff is kind and is a much safer environment for your child, especially if your child has autism.

Quote from: Emeliah Sequoia, Google review
I?m not trying to be dramatic, but I think I need to tell anyone who is wanting to send their child to this place how it really works.
I was send to shodair for a suicide attempt 3 months ago, after staying 9 days in the hospital I was send there. I was put in a room with cameras all along the ceiling, and it was honestly so uncomfortable for me and my mom (my mom drove me). From the shodair website, it makes it look professional and comfortable for the patients, but once you go in you are lead to a different branch that is honestly hell.
While there I was verbally and physically assaulted by other patients, while the staff watched, forced to continue medication that was obviously not working for me, and treated poorly by the staff.
The thing that bothered me the most is the staffs failure to prevent self harm on patients, this little girl that was in the room next to be used her toothbrush to dig into her skin until she eventually came close to dying. Even though there were cameras in the room and she was constantly being supervised, the staff failed to do their job and it almost cost that girl her life.
It was so bad that my parents had to pull me out as soon as possible, it was all just a waist of time and honestly it gave me some more issues to deal with.

Quote from: Ronald Barker, Google review
Six months ago our child was admitted for mental health stabilization.  The providers let him stay in his room, which looked like a prison, with very little interaction.   On the third day the social worker finally saw him.  She knew very little of him and asked us what resources we needed, not him.  She stated she was going to coordinate a neuropsych evaluation and never did.  Very, very poor service with inadequate staff.

Quote from: Conner Anderson, Google review
If you want to get rid of your kid for a while and have absolutely no soul, this is the place to go. If you are a decent human being that actually wants their child to heal, then stay very far away from this place. Almost no actual therapy occurs here, and medications are often distributed based solely on making the children easier to handle, even if this means that they are unable to stay conscious for more than two hours a day. I find it disgusting that victims of abuse and neglect are "Treated"  in an environment that vastly prioritizes money and ease of care over that actual patients well being. The kids who are unlucky enough to be put in this "hospital" almost invariably come out worse then they went in. The majority of the children who stay here return very quickly with the same problems as their last stay, which is unsurprising given that Shodair makes quite a bit of money for every "repeat customer". The systematic dehumanization of these poor kids is horrifying, and WILL lead to irreparable damage to your child's soul. If your care in even the slightest way about your child's well being, find someplace else.

Quote from: Zephyr Bernier, Google review
I haven't been here myself, but my girlfriend has and its horrible. It never helped her, she's been there multiple times and none of them did anything, so she had to go somewhere else. They're overprotective with the dumbest things. You have to ask for literally everything, even to go into your room. The pencils there are these plastic flexible things instead of wood. I understand the precaution, but they shouldn't treat everybody the same.

Quote from: Tim O'Born, Google review
I've been trying to make appointments for my kid at shodair for 4 MONTHS! I leave messages (because no one ever answers the phone). I actually talked to someone once... They argued with me that my son didn't need to be seen. They argued this without seeing any of my doctor's notes or having seen my son. Shodair is garbage and they have zero interest in actually helping. If you have any other option, please... GO ELSEWHERE!

Quote from: Rick Bel, Google review
I was looked directly in the eyes and lied to by Dr. Ford and 3 other people and in less than 20 minutes found myself in handcuffs being escorted to st.petes for a psych evaluation.  These folks are terrified of their job and the people that come to see them for testing.....
I can't recommend shodair for any service they provide. After a lengthy phone battle all of my bills from that day were abated ....indicating that s hodair knew full well their "doctors" were absolutely wrong. They actually tried to charge me over 1100.00 for "treatment" that I did not request, couldn't refuse, or sign myself out of. I still have not hurt myself, anyone else, or been a threat to the public in any way...... exactly the conclusion they jumped to in less than 20 minutes after I walked through their doors.

Quote from: Marianne Pester, Google review
Serves uncooked pork. They don't care about their clients. They are very rude and are just pushing children through the system. They over medicate often with the wrong meds and wrong diagnosis. This is a money scam. It is ridiculous expensive for little to no benefit. I wish the staff actually cared about the children, but take away a child's phone privileges as soon as they get there. It feels like a punishment for mental illness.