Author Topic: Sedona Sky Academy (Previous Copper Canyon Academy) reviews  (Read 2472 times)

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Sedona Sky Academy (Previous Copper Canyon Academy) reviews
« on: October 15, 2020, 08:15:40 AM »
Testimonies from Google maps

Quote from: katie haines

As some of the experiences are mentally blocked out I still wake up in that bunk bed. My heart drops every time. I was left there thinking we were just visiting. We were forced to do work hours in 95 degree weather. I'm pretty sure I broke my foot and I was on crutches for weeks and they were too small. No doctor. If your brother or grandfather died while in there we weren't aloud to go home for the funeral. They refused to let me have contact with my mother for the first 3 months and even that was monitored.


Quote from: Jenny Clift

I went to Copper Canyon Academy in 2007 when I was 17 years old and a senior in high school. I still have nightmares about this place and I'm now 30 years old. My mother died from breast cancer while I was there and although I was in a "therapuetic" boarding school, I never received any help in dealing with my grief and was actually punished for grieving. If my father had not pulled me from the program early to start college, I would have left the day I turned 18 even though I had no money and nowhere to go. Anything would have been better than staying there. Please, do not send your daughters here!

Quote from: Kelsey N

I went here when it was still called copper canyon when I was 16 and I’m 27 now. I still have nightmares about this place. Every day spent here was mental torture, every moment you’re being watched and criticized by adults who are hired to break you down. You can’t tell your parents the truth because the staff proof reads your letters and emails and will call you manipulative and drop you a level keeping you there longer. Everyone fakes the program and does what they can to survive through the day. Most of the girls there have trauma as is and this place only furthers it. The work hours, the 24 for hour silence vests, the hundreds of rules you have to remember and no mercy, the treatment team meetings, the seminars, all of it is despicable and I hurt for every girl going through what I went through. The owners talk this place up and lie to the parents and the daughters are the ones who suffer. We were treated like prisoners. Please don’t send your child here. There are better options. This isn’t the answer.

Quote from: Ashley Parent

I attended when it was Copper Canyon Acadmey in 2010. It was an incredibly emotionally abusive environment. I am twenty five years old now and I still suffer from nightmares and anxiety from what I endured st this program. It has a new name but it is still the same abusive culture. Everyone there tells you there is something wrong with you, that you are evil, you are manipulative and I do not identify as that kind of person. They break you down. And my dad was so pleased when I came home because I was “fixed.” I was not fixed I was broken, broken down from months of emotional abuse. One time I even saw a staff member repeatedly kick another student and when I reported it, nothing was done. This place is absolutely sick. This experience was almost ten years ago for me and it still effects me today. Think twice before sending your daughter here. I’ve talked to girls who went there as Sedona Sky Academy and they have the same experience. Do not believe their lies, this is a house for child abuse, it is appalling that they dare to call this place therapeutic. As someone who has her Masters degree in Counseling, the techniques they use are completely unfounded. Making someone stand in the middle of a room full of adults who then tell them they are manipulative and purposely seek to hurt others. I still remember profusely crying and not understanding why at sixteen a room with my therapist, my teachers and staff would all band against me to say detrimental things and send me on my way. They called this treatment team. I have no shortage of horrifying stories. These people’s only agenda of getting paid. Most of us there had experienced abuse and trauma before even attending this school and it only heightened those feelings. Please, do not send your child here. I know I said this previously but I am twenty five and I went there was I was sixteen and it still effects me today. Let that soak in. Their practices are cruel and this is not a therapeutic school it is an abusive prison.

Quote from: Brooke Jameson

DO NOT SEND YOUR GIRLS TO SEDONA SKY ACADEMY. worst place ever. my daughter went here over two years ago and is still suffering with extreme trauma from the experience. the staff are abusive and the entire website is a lie.  the girls sneak drugs and alcohol in. staff are EXTREMELY under-qualified. our daughter left worse than she came in. $100,000 dollars not only down the drain, but used to make out daughter WORSE. she still hasn’t been able to forgive us. this is a concentration camp designed to make itself out to be a residential treatment center. i beg you, for your sake as well as your daughter’s, do send your daughter here.

Quote from: April Abrain

My daughter spent 10 months, in Copper Canyon Academy (former name of this academy) during years 2005-2006, the referring license psychologist-educational consultant stated she had no doubt the "wilderness program" and subsequent "behavior modification boarding school" would cure her addiction and help the mental illness she was suffering from. Both treatment programs owned by Aspen Academy,  work with the psychologist (who took $10,000 just to set up the referrals), and all of them require large sums of money up front. These organizations exists to profit from your wounds. I was desperate and broken by my daughter's addiction. When the funds ran out, $100,000 spent for treatment, the facility abruptly discharged her home. My daughter was back on the streets in a month, where she found her addiction worsened to heroin. Our lives have never been the same. Save your money. Help your child but don't get duped by these people - they have no magical cure for addiction. No amount of money will change your child.