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Purple Cabbage
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:21:19 PM »
"Dear Mr. Elliott,

Thank you for contacting Mayor Nenshi. I have been asked to respond on the Mayor’s behalf.

Firstly, we sincerely appreciate you trusting our office with your/Christine's story.  We are sorry to hear of the challenges you are currently facing.  Regrettably, the Mayor’s office itself is unable to provide assistance or intervene; however, we work closely with two Crisis Intervention Specialists at the City of Calgary who are wonderful at connecting Calgarians with resources and may also be able to appropriately direct your concerns. If you would like, I can share your contact information and ask that one of them follow up with you.

Please let me know if you would like me to share your contact information and if there is a phone number you can be reached.

Kind regards,

Yvonne Borges
Citizen Liaison
on behalf of His Worship, Mayor Naheed K. Nenshi
The Office of the Mayor"

"Dear Mayor Nenshi,

I am writing to you because I need your help.  My name is Greg Elliott.  My partner of the last fifteen years, Christine Lunn, was put into the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre at age sixteen in 1996.  In 2009 she appeared on the CBC program "the Fifth Estate" to discuss the harmful and unlawful practices to which she was subjected in AARC.  Subsequent to the airing of the program, Christine was sued by AARC, as were three other women who appeared on the show, and the CBC, and several CBC employees.  These suits are ongoing today.

In the first two months after the airing of the program, many women who had been abused in AARC began to contact Christine.  Both the Provincial Government of the day, and AARC representatives, announced that an investigation would take place.  Nothing of the sort happened.  Prior to the airing of the show, the AARC Executive Director realized that CBC would be critical of AARC, so he went to the Calgary Police Service and claimed that he was under threat from a group of disturbed and disgruntled former clients who represented a physical threat to him and AARC associates, and who were out to smear AARC's good name out of malice and in pursuit of some financial reward.

Once CPS contacted my home, it became clear that they were not investigating AARC, but rather they were investigating Christine and apparently me.  Christine insisted that she wanted to make a formal complaint about her abuse in AARC, and initially the responding officer, Dominic Mayhew, refused to take a complaint from her.  Some days later, a Detective Rock contacted Christine.  Rock claimed that Constable Mayhew had given him Christine's information.  Mayhew denied this, and it has never been determined how Rock came to contact Christine.

In the event, Rock interviewed Christine and another AARC victim, Rachel O'Neill.  Rock closed both of their files and was dead, at forty-six, within four months, in July of 2009.  I have in the last year come to see documents from AARC that prove clearly that Rock was in contact with AARC Executive Director Dean Vause prior to contacting the women, and that Rock was receiving information from Vause to use in questioning the women, and in the case of Rachel O'Neill, to intimidate her into silence.

After Rachel and Christine's files were closed, another AARC survivor, who had not appeared on the CBC program, went to Calgary Police.  She is now a lawyer practicing in British Columbia.  She suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to being traumatized in AARC.  Prior to contacting police, Sarah Miller contacted Dean Vause.  Following is her letter, in which she refers to Vause covering up abuse by AARC staff members Tom Gilbert and Marty Heeg.  Of great significance is her reference to yet another victim of abuse who alleges that she was mistreated by Andrew Morton.  Andrew Morton is a serving constable with the Calgary Police Service.  Subsquent to the revelation of allegations of abuse committed by Morton, he was assigned to work at AARC in his capacity as a member of the Calgary Police Service, and despite the fact that he has no qualifications of any kind as a healthcare professional, Morton is a Clinical Director at AARC, along with Dean Vause who likewise has no standing with any regulated body of heatlhcare professsionals.

CPS and the Provincial Government of the day colluded with AARC to cover up the unlawful and dangerous nature of AARC, and allowed AARC to use the financial and political clout of it's backers to crush Rachel, Christine, and the other women who were willing to speak out.  I have been informed that AARC now intends to sue me and the mother of a child who was put into AARC against the mother's will by Judge Cooke-Stanhope.  The Judge's husband is intermittently on the Board of AARC, and for many years was the only physician that AARC subjects were permitted to see.

Mayor Nenshi, a public inquiry into the medically unsound and dangerous practices at AARC is long overdue.  Likewise the unethical and unlawful relationship between the Calgary Police Service and AARC must be examined, and ended.

Premier Notley is well aware of this situation.  In 2009 she was demanding a public inquiry into AARC.  I now have a document that reveals that she met with AARC sect member and former high-ranking Saskatchewan NDP member Dwain Lingenfelter.  Subsequent to this meeting, Notley refued to communicate further on the subject until this June when she finally responded to me again for the first time in eight years.  Her only advice was to go to the police.  Please see the following letters from Sarah Miller.  The first is one she sent to me after meeting with CPS, and the second is her letter to Dean Vause prior to contacting the police.  As the vicitims of AARC can get no relief from law enforcement nor the Provincial Government, I am going to take this matter to the Federal Minister of Justice and the RCMP.  It is painfully evident that agencies from outside the province will have to be engaged to stop this unlawful phenomenon.

· I know that you're probably really busy, but l also know that you're aware of why I'd like to talk to you, and it . seems like you're putting lt off.
I know that Mr.G still works at AARC (albeit being on a short leave of absence). As you know from the email I sent you three years ago, in which I expressed my concerns about Mr.G - a pedophile~ continuing to work with young teens at AARC, I'm truly concerned about the safety of your current clients. I know that I told you three years ago that I would let it go because I had confidence that you would do whatever necessary to protect the kids at AARC, but I had to convince myself that in order to move on without feeling guilty.
I believed for a long time that you cared about me. My first reaction to the Fifth Estate was that you ·would never let a client get hurt or be abused [f you were aware of it But then I started to wonder. I know that you . knew {at the time) that Mr.G was acting inappropriately with me but you chose to 'sweep it under the rug."
So why would it be any different with Rachel or Christine?
I wanted to talk to you about this on the phone or in person - to ask you why you didn't help me - 'Why you didn't fire Mr.G and how you could keep him around AARC when he is clearly not capable of providing teens with appropriate care. I know that you knew what was going on because Mr.G told me when I wass 16 that you ordered him not to talk to me, and even threatened to fight hirn in the parking lot. But Mr.G continued to talk to me and it only got more inappropriate. l thought that him and I had a special friendship and dldn't understand at the time why you were being so mean to him. looking back, I resent you for not pushing harder. I know he was eventually fired years !ater, after he was caught selling drugs out of the AARC van. If there was one thing about AARC that never made sense to me, it was the fact that graduates and staff could be abusive, pedophiles, or otherwise unhealthy or dysfunctional - but as !ong as they were sober. they were a "success." Despite what Mr.G was doing with me, it wasn't untlf he relapsed that you decided he wasn't a positive Influence at AARC?
As you know, when Mr.Hagg convinced my parents that I should live with him for a few days, Mr.G was there every day and after Mr.Hagg had gone to sleep, would cuddle with me, rub my back, tell me that we should get married one day, cried to me because he was "addicted" to me, totd me I should masterbate, that he liked small breasts ... How could you know this and continue to let him work with young girls? I had just tried to kill myself and Mr.G selfishly chose to ignore any sense of responsibility as a counselor. This affects me still today, and despite going through periods when I should have talked to someone, I have not and cannot bring myself to trust another counselor. The Dr.Vause I thought was "saving lives and helping families" wou!d have fired Mr.G on the spot AND Mr.Hagg for his methods of putting young girts on his lap in his counseling sessions and rocking them "to make them feel safe, like lltt!e girls,' as he explained to me.
I also know of a girl who ls extremely distraught after watching the Fifth Estate and is seeing a psychiatrist because she was treated even rnore inappropriately by Andrew Morton, her counselor.
Like so many graduates, I am not and never was an addict I had self-esteem and behavioral problems, which were only worsened from the year and a half of "tough love" I received at AARC. It was not helpful to be told I was a loser druggie and would die if I ever relapsed. The months following my graduation were some of the darkest months of my life. I didn't know who I was anymore - my life revolved around a disease that I didn't have. Despite the fact that I was a brat, I was outgoing and lald back before AARC, But after AARC, I'd been molded into an awkward girl with the social skills of a seven-year-old, and I had counselors helping me through it by pretending to be my 'daddy.'
When l abandoned AARC and AA, you convinced my parents to abandon me. Anyone who leaves AA ls treated like a schizophrenic and ignored because they're 'in denial.' The only time I was ever in denial was when I believed that you, Mr.G, Mr.Hagg, etc ... knew what was best for me and cared about me. I've had to work really hard to repair my relationship with my parents after them putting me in the hands of your unqualified staff and trusting them blindly with my safety. They know now that they were brainwashed to believe that your staff always knew what was best for me, when in fact, they were doing more harm than 'good.
I've been seriously considering filing a police report against AARC, and specifically Mr.G. l was hoping to · talk to you before doing so, but If l don't hear from you by the end of the week. I can not let this go and try to move on without feeling guilt.
What I reaily wanted to ask you was if everything you'd ever told me - about how much you cared about me, and how special you thought I was -was just a lie. I really wonder if you've been sending me all of these nice emails to convince me to keep my mouth shut. I'd also really like to know - if I'd talked to Glllian Findlay about my experience with Mr. G and the fact that you knew, would you have called me a liar too?
' I hope to hear from you (any time) tomorrow.

"I talked to the police the other day. They told me that there were no criminal charges in my case because molestation is not a crime. Yes... he told me that sexual assault, rape, etc... were in the criminal code, but not molestation. I was a bit flabbergasted until I realized why he was being such a fucking idiot. The correct term is "sexual exploitation" - it is a criminal offense to touch a minor (between the ages of 14-18) for sexual purposes, directly or indirectly on any portion of the minor\'s body. So because I said "molestation" rather than "exploitation" the cop is trying to run with that and say that no crime was committed. Brian Fish and I are writing a letter to the Crown, clarifying my error. The cop actually told me to go to the library and figure out what law Tom broke (according to the laws that were in effect in 1997). Correct me if I\'m wrong, but isn\'t that what he gets paid for? To "figure out" what laws people have broken? He also said that they needed proof beyond any reasonable doubt in order to charge him, and that they didn\'t have that - but they haven\'t even met with him! I think he would have admitted to it! And as I\'m sure you know, you don\'t need to prove something beyond a shadow of a doubt in order to charge someone - that\'s what you do in court. I\'m definitely not going to give up on this without a fight. Also, I sent a complaint to the Alberta College of Social Workers about Marty Heeg. I guess he admitted to them that he had me over for sleep overs and tried to rock me on his lap, but they wrote that "his intent was clearly to provide you with support at a time when you were experiencing a great deal of stress" so they dismissed my complaint. I\'m requesting a review of that decision. I\'d like to know how Marty sobbing to me in my counseling sessions "clearly" shows that his intent was to support ME. Fucking ridiculous. I feel like telling that cow to sit on Marty\'s lap and suck his thumb, and then tell me if she thinks that would help a suicidal kid get better."

AARC and it's supporters have played a massive con on the people of Calgary, and the result is a mortality rate among male graduates that is at minimum six times the expected in the general population.

AARC has to be investigated now, and the relationship of AARC to CPS, at taxpayers' expense, must end.


Greg Elliott"
"AARC will go on serving youth and families as long as it will be needed, if it keeps open to God for inspiration" Dr. F. Dean Vause Executive Director

MR. NELSON: Mr. Speaker, AADAC has been involved with
assistance in developing the program of the Alberta Adolescent
Recovery Centre since its inception originally as Kids of the
Canadian West."
Alberta Hansard, March 24, 1992