Author Topic: Madonna in her 20s vs Miley  (Read 7188 times)

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Madonna in her 20s vs Miley
« on: August 27, 2013, 11:47:52 PM »
I just watched the master of sexy sing and dance, Madonna, do Like a Prayer and La Isla Bonita, and compared to pops latest abomination.

Madonna is so sexy in those vids BECAUSE of the boundaries:  the flamenco dress, sexy as hell, barely shows a thing.  The sexy guitar, her moves with the music in a traditional Spanish dress.
The Catholic icons in Like A Prayer...You have to have morals before you can shockingly violate them.  Kiss the saint, the black boy, nearly the lady in the choir.  Hell yeah, that was a hard won recording too, and brilliantly engineered too.
Madonna has me ready to dance or love.  Modern pop chicks usually leave me feeling gross and insulted.  

Dont get me started on autotuned electro-voice pop...bleeding into country and alt too.
F dat.
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