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Letter toThe National Council Of Juvenile and Family
« on: August 01, 2012, 03:38:50 PM »
Letter toThe National Council Of Juvenile and Fami
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Letter toThe National Council Of Juvenile and Fami

Postby massive » Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:45 am
This is the letter I wrote and sent to them yesterday. I plan to go to their next event Anyone want to meet me there?

Dear Staff,

I am interested in getting involved with educating Judges, Lawyers, Parole Officers and all those who attend your conference next year, 2013.

I am the Founder of a Grass Roots Movement I began in California in the fall of 2009.

I am still in the process of creating the non profit which will be created for a more empowering modality to help youth with drug or alcohol over use problems.
Stopping the cycle of addicted to this...addict to that..., power less this , powerless that! Probably, not a good idea...

Myself and many others have come to the conclusion that 12 step meetings, which do not have any safety measures in place, nor is AA World Service in NYC or Narcotics Anonymous World Service NAWS in Los Angeles, CA office, willing to take any action to provide any safety for youth or any member or the innocent citizens being sentenced to 12 step meeting in great numbers by judges , drug courts and lawyers.

If you do not know this;

Both AA and NA do NOT have any trained leaders or facilitators. Its basically the blind leading the blind.

Recently in the news it has finally been reported that a minor was molested in an AA meeting in Nashville and ABC NEWS reporter out of Denver this past February that a woman was sexually assaulted by her AA sponsor who had assaulted other woman as well.

There is no such thing as a young people's meeting. There are no rules, no procedures or policies to protect any minor or any member. Unlike SMART Recovery which is a non religious, science based free program that has sexual harassment polices and Trained facilitators.

Young people's meetings are just called that, but there is nothing to keep a 3rd level sex offender from going there and becoming a sponsor or a leader (Secretary of a meeting) etc.

As a previous long term member I am actively trying to educate these professionals how dangerous AA and NA are. Not just to new comer women of any age, but to gays and especially young minors are targeted by middle aged men. The average unsuspecting citizen who is trying to get out of jail accepts the illegal mandate (there are already a number of states that have deemed AA/NA too religious yet our judges who I know are actually in AA themselves are sending innocent citizens into the horrible halls of 12 step.) These citizens are willing to go to AA meetings because they are so frightened of being sent to jail.

Meanwhile the judges are sending 3rd level sex offenders and violent criminals to the same meetings. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE WE ASK?

Are the judges and lawyers all really not aware of how AA and NA really do not work?... and, that AA and NA have no rules policies about sexual harassment?

In fact AA as part of it's culture is known for it's blatant sexual harassment aka "13 stepping" by older middle age respected men in AA who use their position and power for free sexual pleasure. Many leave AA and drink and commit suicide because of this predation ....

I have been documenting the atrocities going on in AA and NA now since 2009. I have written two 10 page letters to NY General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Second letter was signed by 20 AA members who are furious about the situation currently in place.

It is only a matter of time when there will be a huge lawsuit against this giant institution and we would like to begin a dialogue with you and all the professionals you speak to and educate.

I have a radio show called Safe Recovery on blog talk radio with some 20,000 listens. The internet has given us a place to commune and express our horror on how the Criminal Justice System is handling Drug and alcohol and youth, this also includes adults being sent to AA/NA as well.

Using an abstinence based model for youth is also a lose lose situation for most creating a deadly cycle of failure and relapse over and over again.

Never mind to mention the antiquated 1935 literature and mind set of powerlessness and religious dogma being "pushed " by our Federal and State governments breaking our First Amendment Rights.

There are already many other budding programs. But none have ever gotten the free publicity AA has gotten in our media. This is changing and I hope we can discuss how we can stop this horrible cycle I see every day on the anti 12 step blogs.


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Re: Letter toThe National Council Of Juvenile and Fami

Postby mfc66 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:37 am
Thats a great letter! thanks again for all your hard work

mfc66, it is not a great letter and you know it. She should have gone on google and searched for an independent editor. This letter needed to be edited in the worse way. She sounded like she was uneducated and ignorant to boot.
This cult you have created needs enablers, you are making sure this action will happen.
mfc66 is the owner/admin of the site recoveringfromrecovery.
When the heck are you anti's going to get it through your heads. The outrageous shit you post on your site ... f=14&t=430 it isn't helping your cause. Ignorant unedited articles written by uneducated members with wild ideas isn't going to get it.
Get your fucking act together, mfc66. Stop worrying about if everyone can skype and pay more attention to poignant content.
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