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David Hall, Green Chimneys, Brewster, NY
« on: October 08, 2011, 08:43:53 PM »
I am shocked at each atrocity that is uncovered at Green Chimneys, Maltreatment Center.  

There is a psych hospital on the grounds called David Hall.  It was created for severely and dangerously mentally ill boys.

The entire time my child was at Green Chimneys, there was a prevalent fear of being sent to David Hall or to a local state hospital.  

In doing a little sleuthing, it has come up that kids are locked up; restrained and that abuse goes unchecked in the locked halls
of David Hall. If that isn't bad enough, restraints are used in the dorms.  Always there lurks the real fear.  

David Hall appears to be a closed community and is run solely by Green Chimneys staff. What regulations exist?
What kind of backgrounds do any of the staff members, hospital staff, teachers and dorm parents even have?

I was just horrified when I kept finding these names of Green Chimneys boys: Philip Zagarella, Eric Napoletano
and Eric Lau.  In reading about Lau, I learned that a court sent him to Green Chimneys and that he was locked
in David Hall.  On another link, there was an article in a newspaper about 3 boys who raped a 4th boy and
the boy who was raped was only 8.  There are horror stories galore about Green Chimneys and it makes
me so angry that Dr. Ross lied to everybody with his pitch about how farm work and animals save lives and
how each child comes before the Pope.  Dr. Samuel B. Ross Jr. is a master scammer and phony and I pray
no child ever sets foot on Green Chimneys grounds ever again.  I just wish my child could have been
so spared.
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