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The Texas Faith-Based Initiative at Five Years:
« on: April 17, 2011, 03:35:01 AM »
The Texas Faith-Based Initiative at Five Years:
Warning Signs as President Bush Expands Texas-style Program at National Level
 by the Texas Freedom Network  -  excellent report 28 pages

Teen Challenge Health & Safety Violations(1995 state inspection immediately prior to deregulation under the Texas Faith-Based Initiative)

• No qualified credential counselors on staff.
• No chemical dependency services are being provided.
• No staff has current CPR and First-Aid training. No policies on psychiatric or medical emergencies were found.
• No documentation?[of the required] initial training for staff on client rights; client grievance procedures; confidentiality of client-identifying information; client neglect and exploitation; requirements for reporting neglect and other serious incidents; standards of conduct; emergency?procedures; and the individuals
specific job duties.
• The present handling of medications at this facility are badly out of compliance. No one we spoke to understood or delivered service according to the
• Smoke detection alarm system inoperable.
• Exposed wires and electrical outlets?missing bulbs,dangling light fixtures, and holes in ceilings near light fixtures.
• Violated requirement to provide a safe, secure, and well-maintained environment.
• Violated food preparation requirements creating a potential health hazard.
• Violated requirement to disclose client Bill of Rights and client grievance procedures.
• Violated required admission criteria, intake consent procedures, treatment plans, discharge procedures and
discharge follow-up.
• Violated requirement that the facility shall not exploit clients by using client labor inappropriately.
• Violated incident reporting requirements.
• Violated requirement to: protect the health, safety, rights, and welfare or clients; provide adequate services?; comply with all applicable laws, regulation, policies, and procedures; maintain required licenses, permits, and credentials; and comply with professional and ethical codes of conduct.
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