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Controversial Treatment Center Shuts Down
« on: July 31, 2009, 08:11:53 PM »
Reported by: Hagit Limor
Email: [email protected]
Last Update: 6:05 pm

Outcry Over Drug Center Closing
I-Team: Drug Center Closes
Some Tri-State teens undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation at a controversial treatment facility may be home tonight after the last of the centers closed this week in Indianapolis.

Pathway Family Center had vacated its building earlier but was still housing teens in various homes. Sources tell the I-Team that ended this week with calls to parents to pick up their children. No one from Pathway returned the I-Team’s calls today, and the longtime emergency number for the center has been disconnected.

In the Cincinnati area, the program in Milford originally was called Kids Helping Kids. It used controversial methods that removed teens from their homes for months and sometimes more than a year. Teens spent entire days in classes that included hand motions, toddler's songs and other means some likened to a cult, but others said saved their lives.

After the I-Team’s original report, the program changed names and then shut down in Milford. Those teens were transported to the Indianapolis site instead.

Now that facility's shut too, the last of Pathway’s centers across the Midwest, in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Not only is no one answering phones at the corporate headquarters, but the group's Facebook page has changed its description to past tense.

The father of one teen enrolled at Pathway by the boy’s mother told the I-Team the original closing in Milford would only lead to what’s happened now. “I think that bad publicity, not just bad publicity, but actually the truth started getting out. I think community pressure closed it down."

But the mother of another teen who transferred from Milford to Indianapolis earlier this year said, “It's just a shame that we don't have it here in our community any more. It's a tremendous loss."  

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