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Nan Rich
« on: July 04, 2009, 11:32:06 AM »
School Board Candidate Will Get Help From Tallahassee


A tiny election earlier this month in Tallahassee will impact next yearís School Board race in West Broward.

State Sen. Nan Rich of Weston was elected Minority Leader in 2010 by the 14 Democratic senators.

Rich will now will be in a better position to help her daughter Laurie Rich Levinson raise money for a much bigger campaign.

Levinson is challenging Phyllis Hope for District 6 of the School Board.

 The district represents Weston and Sunrise, but also dips into Lauderhill and Lauderdale Lakes.

The areas in eastern Sunrise and around State Road 7 should favor Hope.  She is black, like many of the residents of this part of the District.

Weston and western Sunrise is territory that will be more favorable to Levinson, who lives in Weston.

Hope has been an active School Board member, who meets with community folks almost every day.  She consistently speaks up for her district at the School Board.

Growing up in Broward County, Hope now has a granddaughter in public school.

Levinson has been a parent activist for years and has three children in public school.  She will campaign heavily on the failure to get a new high school in Weston or Sunrise, which was promised long before the current recession.

Most of the time a challenger like Levinson has trouble raising as much money as the incumbent.  Both these campaigns should have plenty of cash.

Sure, every lobbyist and firm doing business with the School Board will donate to Hopeís campaign.

Levinson has the advantage of Nan Rich in her corner.

Not only is the Rich family well-to-do, some of the money no doubt stemming from the Harry Rich & Co. carpet store, a fixture in Miamiís early days. Harry Rich was Nanís father-in-law.

Rich also now has a position of Democratic leadership in Tallahassee.  That gives her the ability to coax Tallahassee insiders to donate to her daughterís campaign.

Nan Rich also is a wily campaigner who can teach her daughter how to win an election.

With the demographics split, the money roughly even and two credible candidates, this should be a hard-fought race worth watching.
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