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Re: 2M for family of Esmin Green
« on: May 28, 2009, 03:00:33 PM »
link please?
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Re: 2M for family of Esmin Green
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2010, 09:34:01 PM »

Esmin Green Wrongful Death Suit Settled
By Steven Bulger
Published: August 6, 2009

Esmin Green Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settled for $2 mil
By now, everyone has had to at least once seen the videotape of a black woman who was wandering around by herself in a hospital emergency room, then collapsed and died on the premises, with no one around to check on her. Esmin Green’s body lay in the emergency room for more than an hour before anyone checked on her, where they found her lifeless.

This case generated much national coverage and attention at the time for Kings County Hospital in New York City, but it seems we didn’t get the full story until recently. The family filed a lawsuit against the hospital, which is owned and run by the city, for negligence and wrongful death, and the city settled with the family for $2 million dollars.

The biggest problem obviously was that no one was watching a mentally ill patient who was wandering around by herself to begin with. That’s not close to standard procedure, and seeing it on tape is even worse. She was alone for more than 24 hours before passing away; that’s incredible. However, what really set it off, and induced the city to try to settle the claim, is that after the face, hospital employees tried to cover it all up by falsifying records and lying to investigators.

It’s obvious that none of these people knew there was a camera recording everything, which highlighted the lies these people were telling. Among the lies were:

One nurse made three false entries in the medical records, making it appear that 45 minutes before Green was found dead she was in normal physical condition;

A nurses aide made false entries on a “24-Hour Observation Sheet,” saying he observed Green asleep twice during times he was on break;

One doctor testified that he made three unsuccessful attempts to examine Green, but didn’t because she was uncooperative, but this was untrue;

Another doctor said he tried to examine Green, but that was untrue;

Two other doctors made false entries of Green’s condition including that she was seen going to the bathroom;

Not only did the tape negate any of those entries, but it showed the senior nurse, upon discovering Green lying on the emergency room floor using her foot to nudge Green’s body to see if she was still alive. She then went to get help but did not try CPR.

Some of the staff was fired, but not all of them. Though the hospital settled, some of the personnel may be brought up on criminal charges for their actions. It’s lucky that there happened to be tape; otherwise, the hospital might have gotten away with the mistreatment of a patient who couldn’t take care of herself.

The hospital got out of this one cheaply; it will be interesting to see what kind of criminal charges might come out of this case.
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