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Re: HLA Facebook Groups
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I withdrew from here for a short while to work out the family issues that spurred from my mother posting here. I asked her not to post for a while because I know the kind of attacks and opinions her posts bring. The same ones that did when she posted here back in '06. My mother is a very... complicated person. Her life has been hard, and her communication skills aren't always in sync with the way other people communicate. This can be misinterpreted as ignorance or naivity.

She has some very important things that I believe this board and even myself need to hear. I am in the process of procuring documents from my time at Hidden Lake that were involved in my parents very very ugly divoce/custody battle that ranged from the mid to late 80's and continued on until I, the youngest of the children, turn 18. At that point, I was no longer leverage to either party and was for the most part left alone. But that doesn't clear up the history. Bringing things to light about Hidden Lake is of course a huge motive behind my wanting these documents from their divorce. But the secondary concern of mine is the truth I have been denied since all this mess started. Way, way before anyone decided to ship me off to a gulag.

So I ask for everyone's patience while my family comes to a place of stablity to where we can paint an accurate picture of what truly happened in the four years I was away, and HLA's part in all of it. Bucci's greed directly played off of the scenario my family found itself in, and he leveraged as much cash as possible out of both sides of my family. Q&Q got themselves involved and achieved awarding partial custody to a father who had already been investigated by Child Protective Services. He had never had custody in my then 15 years of life. He had lived in a state thousands of miles away my enitre childhood, and yet when the bill had to get paid, and one parent did not want me there, custody was then granted to the cashcow, my father. The direct opposite of my stay at home single mother, with NO assets at all, who WAS a fit mother. They played us all, and kept the cash flowing for all 23 months of my stay, with complete and utter disregard for my best interest.

No one is innocent in this story, and everyone had their part. I'll get the docs together, and see what I can find, because my view of the scenario was limited. What I do know, is the Judge presiding over the custody hearing is the same Judge Dugan who rejected a protective order to an abusive ex husband when he threatened to murder his children. He then did, weeks later in a Baltimore hotel, drowning all three kids.( ... gedy35932/) He also ruled in favor of my father, and HLA's best interest.

But as I said. Story's coming, but vacation this week. I'll work to get everything together.
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