Author Topic: Woodbury's babbling about private sector contra public  (Read 2118 times)

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Woodbury's babbling about private sector contra public
« on: January 22, 2009, 04:00:43 AM »
Comment to: FUTURE TENSE, By Lon Woodbury

Yes, Mr. Woodbury

I understand very well that some public program are underfonded. I understand very well that complaints from both parents and detainees are ignored because none really wants to help these kids. I understand very well that some kids are dead in public care.

But the solution is not a private sector. The solution is not making laws, which scares parent to jail their kids in advance. And just because a company can profit, the kids don't stop dying. Not during a program, not once released.

The solution is oversight. The solution is using what works and avoid those thing which doesn't work.

I must refer to a 600 pages report called the Maryland report:

Prepared for the National Institute of Justice by Lawrence W. Sherman, Denise Gottfredson, Doris MacKenzie, John Eck, Peter Reuter, and Shawn Bushway in collaboration with members of the Graduate Program Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice University of Maryland

Here some researchers have checked up on Boot Camp, Wilderness therapy, Supermax for Children, Scared straight, corporal punishment etc. you name it.

Because you are very busy lobbying for private program, I will save you the time to read it and tell you what the conclusion is:

1) Start early. Report problems at home discovered by kindergarten or pre-school. Visit the home and help parents by introducing boundaries and fix their mental problems if those exist.
2) Extra teachers visiting the home. Prevents also child abuse.
3) School based program. No alternative school because then you put all the problem children in the same place where they can become a part of a negative peer group. Here in Denmark we have good results with serving breakfast in school and the so-called home work cafe's where retired teachers and nerds receive a little pay to help academically struggling youth. Gives self-esteem to nerds also.
4) In severe cases turn the home into a residential setting with cameras combined with intense family therapy or remove the entire family to a residential setting.

Lets get some oversight of both public and private programs. Lets focus on what works for both poor and rich. Dont let the childs chances of success depend on the welfare of the family.

Thats my two cent.
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