Author Topic: Miriam Lazewatsky's Defense of Whoring and Porn  (Read 3073 times)

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Miriam Lazewatsky's Defense of Whoring and Porn
« on: January 08, 2009, 08:47:09 PM »
What's hilarious is how Lazewatsky tries to couch her argument in high-falutin' language...


new-ditty said:

aniceshadeofred said:

new-ditty said:
           Yah, there’s a difference between “sexually liberated (you)” and “effing slut (Lena)”.

            A quote from her blog:

            “No more guys with girlfriends (mostly), no more crazy exes (again, mostly), no more popping Plan B like candy (even though its’s yum).”

            They have this great new stuff, it’s called birth control. Slutbag.

        Why such vitriol towards Lena Chen?  She’s free to live her life the way she wants to.  While it is not right for me to air my laundry as publically as she does, I firmly support her choice to.  If it makes her happy, where do you get off judging her?

        Two more things: I think that quote was written to be humorous, not to be taken at face value.

        Also, according to your tumblelogs, you and Lena are both 21.  I don’t know either of your life stories, and I’m not trying to judge.  However, at the point at which you have a child and Lena does not, I feel that you forfeit the right to use Lena’s choice of birth control to insult her.  Obviously whatever methods she’s been using have been effective.

    I’m judging her because she has so much sex (I can guarantee that I’ve slept with less people, had WAYY less sex, and actually remember it all), and doesn’t mind telling the whole world about it. Age has nothing to do with it, besides the fact that if she really is at Harvard then she’s a whole lot smarter for her age than I am. And, being smarter, she should be more mature than keeping a public count of how many people she’s sleeping with (dating six guys at once? Really?). She is free to live her life however she wants, just as I am free to have my own opinion. Putting her business out in public, she should be prepared to be judged (writing about exes is one thing. Being amused by the fact that you’re too drunk to remember most of the sex that you may or may not have had, and sharing this publicly, is another).

    Plan B is not a choice of birth control:
    Plan B®: Frequently Asked Questions

    Plan B® is emergency contraception—a backup method of preventing pregnancy—and is not for routine use. It can reduce the chance of pregnancy when taken as … - 19k - Cached - Similar pages -

    I ran out of birth control, and had unexpected sex with my son’s father. I don’t believe in abortion (I am pro-choice for certain circumstances, but it’s not for me), so I had him. I think it is disgusting, immoral, and irresponsible to use Plan B on a regular basis because you’re too drunk to be responsible most of the time. It’s also disgusting to sleep with guys that have girlfriends. She should have more respect for everyone involved. Karma will bite her in the a**…

To which rough sexer Miriam Lazewatsky chimed in...

Hahaha…you think karma’s going to bite Lena in the ass?  You know that being a judgemental bitch who calls strangers “slutbags” is pretty bad karma, too, right?  She’s made her choices, and you’ve made yours.  Why should you care that they were different?

By the way, even girls on birth control may need Plan B every once in a while…it’s called “forgetting to take a pill and not wanting to end up pregnant while in college (high school, at the wrong time, whatever).”  It may not be appropriate as regular birth control, but things happen…and they might happen more than once.

Oh yeah, and do you understand the meaning of “tongue in cheek?”
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Re: Miriam Lazewatsky's Defense of Whoring and Porn
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Who is this person?

Why does this matter?
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