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Interesting Message on Elan Board
« on: May 01, 2001, 02:59:14 PM »
I recently recieved a phone call from a local contractor who I have done buisness with over the years. He was called by Elan to evaluate/repair a variety of problems throughout the complex. He could not believe the condition of the facility explaining its run down condition, and comparing it to a shanty town. This was no surprise to me as I have recieved many calls over the years from contractor friends seeking payment for services at Elan, thinking perhaps I had some pull with Joe, which we know is nonsense.

After a brief conversation with my only remaining friend still working at Elan, I learned that the Poland complex need for repair exceeds the value of the property. This coupled with a score of existing liens from suppliers and contractors seeking payment has the Poland property stalled in court. The real estate industry calls this type of property a White Elephant.

This has already effected the resident population as parents who visit expect better conditions for thier 50K. It was trendy to get well in log cabins in the 1970s, but not in the 00s when you market yourself as a private school for college bound kids.

Factor into this the incredibly bad press Elan has absorbed of late, and there you have a real mess.

I expect a slow demise for the Elan School. The gross mismanagment of the facility on a buisiness level has them ankle deep in red ink. I predict that Elan will slowly gear down toward a scheduled date to close. The current owners will liquidate everything and retire. They are at that age, and all of them deserving. Sharon has to be spent from twenty years of running the entire operation and maintaining a relationship with Joe. Jeffrey has upward of thirty years into Elan and is in my opinion one of the few decent directors. Marty was/is the only regional director to have run all facilities at a time when the resident/staff population was at its highest. The program nose dived with him gone in the 80s.

I clearly see the three of them leaving Elan in the next few years, closing the school and selling the property.

Thanks, John

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