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Glacier MTN Info
« on: May 21, 2006, 03:28:00 AM »
my good friends went to glacier mountian adacamey in sandpoint and half of them r still there glacier mtn is a joke we smoke weed upstairs in the bathroom shit ive goten drunk before and chilled there with a cig in my hand inside glaicer mtn is a joke lol i dont give a crap anymore about whats goes on before my friendsmoved out only like 2 r stillin there every1 in glacier mtn trips out u sent ur kid to glacier mtn ur sendin him to do more drugs trust me
ive partyed everyweekend for like a year at glacier mtn we all get fucked up there usually me bringin bud every1 gets stoned n chills half ppl at glaicer pop pills easy shit staff is poor staff = stoners shit ive smoked weed in the van of glacier mtn when we were all in drivin thats ur info glaicer mtn = every1 gets fucked up pills n bud everyweeeknd 4 sure btw larry is a fag and yeah glaicer mtn is a place to send ur kids to get high as fuck trust me peace theres ur info
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