Author Topic: The reason for no appology  (Read 1191 times)

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The reason for no appology
« on: May 01, 2006, 10:19:00 PM »
For those of you who wonder why you are not getting a response or any sort of appology from MMS there is a legal reason. Anytime you tell someone you are sorry for something that happened or appologize to them, well not ANYTIME, but a response that they thought out and gave to you, it is an admission of some sort of guilt. An understanding on their part that something they did was wrong and warrants an appology.

Don't expect a great  big warm letter saying, " Oops I'm sorry.". Besides, people are just people.

I do, however, want more information on any sexual abuse that went on at the school. Yes, sexual contact or inappropriate sexual comments, actions, touching or suggestions..... IS sexual abuse when a person of authority, especially extreme authority, inflicts this upon a child.


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