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I thank the Lord Jesus, for tools he allowed in my path that gave me what I needed to survive an insane growing up life, where, today, I can hold my head up with the dignity that only Christ can authentically give. If some one severs you from the causes to your behavior and FORCES new behaviors that have no grounding/anchoring causes in your authentic soul, then, you have become brainwashed to be what someone else said you are. You have been cut off from who you really are. If you cannot find the cause to the behavior, maybe the effect you have has no real grounds, maybe you do not yet know your own soul. It could be someone has robbed you of your self and tricked you into buying into a false personality totally. A person with no self cannot surrender to Christ, it is only a SELF that has the authentic power of surrender to the only Sovereign there is: Jesus Christ who is Lord. amen.