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New Info / Re: Rocklyn Academy(Canada)
« on: April 05, 2011, 10:57:52 AM »
it was a WWE cage full of troubled PMSING heartbroken girls

it was like we are dogs at the humane society and if we were bad we would be threatened with "put down" or should i say, WILDERNESS

WILDNERNESS was a program you had to wear jump suits and hike in groups up a mountain for months with backpack and beans and no contact of the outside world.

fuck just imagine, they had to find something worse than rocklyn = wildnerness


one girl from niagra falls stabbed director whats her face the tall one with scissors, she rather be in jail than rocklyn.

New Info / Re: Rocklyn Academy(Canada)
« on: April 05, 2011, 10:43:51 AM »
hello i went to rocklyn academy for two years i have read these forums.
i am still in contact with many of the rocklyn students i was there with.
we have been trying to get our word out for so long and finally rocklyn academy is supposedly closed down for violation of human rights.
my contact info is [email protected] if anyone is suing rocklyn academy i know my parents and almost every other would go to court to put them under.

rocklyn academy did nothing but make us monsters. it was up to us after we got out to do well or not. "therapy" my ass. the only benefits i got from rocklyn were easy grades, a toned body from being forced to work out monday to friday after classes.

i came out of rocklyn worse than i had come in.
putting a group of "troubled" girls, listing from skipping school, to prostitution did nothing but teach eachother

rocklyn academy is worse than VANIER (female detention center).

my parents paid 60 thousand to put me in rocklyn because i was skipping school at an early age (13). i was in and out of rocklyn for i was successful to run away twice. i left rocklyn at the age of 15. when i had left rocklyn, i was more knowledged about drugs, sex, etc than i was when i got in. prior to completing rocklyn, my parents put me in a 30 day treatment center called youthdale which was paid by the government and i am 18 today and am better than i was when i had left rocklyn, thanks to youthdale. all our parents were brain washed.

my dad found rocklyn academy off this one man who "helped parents find the right boarding school for their kids"

thru my research, many of the girls who were at rocklyn's parents had met with him prior to putting their daughter into that hell hole.

he's in partnership with bob and dale.

many of the teachers know how wrong the place was


dale wore fur coats and had new surgery done almost every week!

must be nice getting paid to cage young women



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