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Elan School / Message to the posters and readers here
« on: November 18, 2003, 03:57:00 PM »
I've been posted to this site awhile.. It's weird how things come to be.. All I wanted was to find a site where I could tell the truth about Daytop, and have a lot of people hear it.. The closest thing that I oculd find was this forum.  

I've been here a long time now.. posted a ton of shit.. had some fun.. met a lot of cool people, and even some uncool people, like Ken.. I don't know.. I'm not exactly sure how much longer I am gonna be posting here.. I have been rethinking my objectives a bit, as a result of some recernt events.

Anyway, the point of why I am posting... I got kinda use to this place.. I have fun putting in my two cents, and I made some friends.

I'd just spoke with the mysterious "fryingmantis", and I'd just like to offer my opinions, and suggestions.

First off, don't expect to be saved by these people.  Even if they wanna save ya, they can't.
Okay.. You have to represent yourself the same as you would in any situation.  For many people having this out there after all these years.. having justice would be like the relife of dropping 100 lbs. out of your gut.  Don't let that desire destroy your objectivity.

There is no lawyer yet.  That was them appearing as though they had more going on, thn they actually did.  No lawyer actually posted to this board.  I am sure that the posters considerred what they did to be in your best interest, or in the best interest of the cause, but they did come at this dishonestly.

My advice is that if you think this is something that you are interested in persuing, then hell.. go for it.. But don't surrender yourself at any point.  You already had to do that, and your parents already did that as well.  The outcome could only be a bad one.  Best of luck.

Damn!  I just noticed .. he still didn t answer my question.. I'd love to know how he knows that Elan monitors these boards.

Paul St. John

Elan School / im not going away part 2
« on: November 15, 2003, 09:13:00 AM »
Okay.. You are in the door. You've expressed quite sufficiently that you are not going away.

Let's hear what ya got.


Elan School / Ken
« on: November 05, 2003, 04:26:00 AM »

    What s up, you little fucking pussy.  I just recieved notice that you called the FBI on me, or are claiming to have done it, and also that you are spreading the idea that I am dangerous.

    Listen, you stupid fucking low life shithead.  I know you have manipulated the system your whole fucking life and operated like a fucking weasel, but you ve never done it with me in the picture.  Take all the bullshit actions you wnat, and watch them all fall in my favor in the end asshole.

Fucking Loser!

Paul St. JOhn

The Troubled Teen Industry / TC's- The Psychology of Anti-Psychology
« on: November 02, 2003, 10:15:00 PM »
TC's-  The Psychology of Anti-Pscyhology

There are hackers  in the institution of psychology.  They hack into what is real, and noteworthy, and they spread dangerous memes, that work against the individual, the sole purposeful beneficiary of the study of psychology.  They exist like leaches in a field in which they do not belong.  The purpose of psychology is to benefit the individual.  Their pseudo-psychology harms the individual, and harming individual, consequently harms society as a whole.

     The nature of an idea, is to "go", or spread.  Ideas always move.  You can see this if you observe long-term effects of environments brought into contact with certain ideas.  One such group that spread these ideas, through individuals, families, and societies, is this group of pseudo-practitioners, who hide behind the term, "TC".  Well, what is a "TC"?  It is a therapeutic community, and that is what they fall back on.

     Most often, all the presuppositions worked upon, by these witch doctors, lead back to nowhere, and nothing.  The practitioners themselves cannot back up there own conclusions in a scientific manner.  They just fall back on the idea, that that is the way of a, "TC", and they are a "TC"  Well, that is great, but that does not mean anything.

     There is a phenomenon, that almost the entire psychological community has acknowledged by now.  It is a state that many, if not all people live in some of the time.  It goes by a few terms.. "stimulus-response", "reactive-responsive", "Fight-Flight"  At this point, almost all of the predominant forms of psychology attempt to free a person from this state of mind, which is believed by most, to be brought about by lower levels of our brain.. the reptilian, and mammalian positrons of our brain.  They are the least "man"-part of the man brain.  From New-Age Psychology, to Objectivist psychology (many consider these to be at opposite ends of the spectrum), the focus is psychological practice these days, is to free a person from these states, thereby allowing the person to become the creative force in their own life.

     The TC's do something very different.  There is a clear distinction between the TC's form of psychology, and all the working forms of psychology in the world today.  While most psychology's attempt to free a person from the state spoken of above, the "TC's" attempt, to keep a person in that state.  The objective is to utilize it, and make it so dominant of a force in the person, that it appears, that the person is their own flaws.  Once this has been done, the person can then be rewritten to appear as the administrator wishes.  Of course, the person is not actually rewritten, but the person is trapped in a maze of responses that obscure, the person even from themselves, so that fear based programs, take over, and are so dominant that they seem to take the role of the person's submerged ego.

     The purpose of therapy, is to better the person/individual.  "TC's" ,be it on a subtle, or blatant level, attack the individual.. attack the ego... attack the person, and  identity.

By Paul St. John

Elan School / alum
« on: October 28, 2003, 01:26:00 AM »
and so...

the posting ceases and slows at ElanAlum.

One Lone Ranger posts, asking why noone posts anymore.. is mad that people only post in response to the negative people.

Ol' Paul hurts for these people

for negativity to them is to speak against those who need speaking against

negativity to them is to be honest and accurate in your reporting.

But we all pick our places in life, and some choose alleginaces to keep them suspended there.

To each his/her own.

Paul St. John

Vision Quest / Hey! Who's the moderator 'round here?
« on: October 18, 2003, 06:42:00 PM »

Elan School / The Recent " Paul M St John" Threads
« on: October 15, 2003, 10:07:00 PM »
Have the balls to say shit to me in person.

I think that I knwo who you are, and also, your

motive.  I will excuse it.. Now take the time to

 deal with your issues in private, rather then

defame me.  

Continue to fuck with me, and I will fuck with you.

Tell whoever you want that I threatenned you!

I will be the first person to tell them that I

did in fact threaten you!  :smile:

It won t matter!

Elan School / The Ken Jam
« on: October 14, 2003, 06:13:00 PM »
Ken: My name is Ken,
and I 'm all Alumni's friend.

Directors: Go Ken.. Go Ken

Ken: My name is ken,
and I'm all alumi's friend,
I will keep my site GREY,
til the day I am dead,

Clare WoodMan: Anyboooody neeeed head?

Elan School / Most Recent Post at Alumni
« on: October 13, 2003, 08:15:00 PM »
Look's like Ken is ...



Elan School /
« on: October 13, 2003, 12:29:00 AM »
Ya know all these guys who have problems with free speachas there, are always offerring those same disgutingly tired justifications for the reasoning behind their stance

not helping
need to do this
need to do that

Ya know.. most of these dudes, down there, are just a bunch of cucking losers.. There is absolutly NOTHING accomplished there one way or another.

Reading through the posts, I feel like I am back in Daytop.. Ahh it s sickenning to me.. They don't do anything.. They just talk about shit..

Everyone of them acts as though they have a PHD, and yet, it really decipher what they atre saying 90 percent of the time, it narrow absolutly nothing.. They are not even saying anything.. They are like pretending to express a point.

I'm not talking about everyone, but from what I have seen the bulk.. I can t post there anymore, so I'll just critique..

Basically, these are the type of people, that I refuse to wokr for.. Seriously.. I clean carpest and upholstery as the main staple of income..

Seriously, these are the type of people I literally turn down work, rather then work for, because they are not about getting shit done.

Ken's site is like a cloud in the sky!

But hey.. to each his own!

Elan School / I was wrong
« on: October 12, 2003, 02:24:00 AM »
I have changed my mind.

Elan is great!

I have seen the light!

I want to be Elanian.

You are all my family, who have went to Elan

Ken is right!  He is a very wise man!

His intellect is such as never I have seen!

Ken is my master.

Ken is my leader.


Elan School / Hissies
« on: October 10, 2003, 02:57:00 AM »
What are my hissies going to accomplish?  Hmmm.  Well.. from what I hear, Ken had quite a hissy himself last night.. His Hissie was about me.. From what I hear, he was furious.  To me, this is an accomplishment.  I'm not an "Elan person", and yet I did get to him.  That will probably be the extent of which I will justify myself.

Now, I will go more into talking about what a fool he is.  He deleted one of my posts off his board.  It was to a mother, and the bulk of the post was about how she could get into better communication with her son about his Elan experience.  There was nothing negative in the post at all.  It was for the most part psychologically based.  Ken's name was not mentionned anywhere in the post, and the only staff member who came up was Jeff Gottlieb, whom I did say could have been of no more benefit her son, then could the "son of sam"  Anyone who had seen this in context though, would know where I was coming from and why I said it.

From what I hear Ken showed up in the chat recently, so proud of himself, going on about how he deleted one of my posts.  I was referred to as not caring, being a trouble maker, and something along the lines of "demented"  LOL
One of the members, then mentioned to him that they had spoken to me, and that I was kinda cool.. This was a long-term member.. a member who finds support in these chats, led their by him.. a member that he created dependency in.. a member who spoke a single honest sentence.  Ken flipped out on this member, and then banned her.  This is the same member that Ken warned against coming here, telling her that we would " HURT HER", at Fornits.  He told her this right after things were posted about him.

To that member, I would just like to say " Thank You"  I appreciate your saying what you did on my behalf.  I also appreciate the fact that you spoke honestly, in a place where that is not looked upon, positively.  Someone outta say "Thank you" for that cause not many people, from alumni will it seems.

Paul St. John

Elan School / A tidbit
« on: October 10, 2003, 12:05:00 AM »
Look, anonymous people..

I have some of the answers.. I don't have all
of them, but I do have a few.  I am offering them free of charge for anyone who wants them.

The facts are stranger then fiction.  When I was in Daytop, I studied.  I studied these people like mad.  

Here's a simple thing that happenned down at Ken's site.  Now, if you are interested, see if you can stay with me on this.. There is shit to learn, if you are interested in learning it.

One of the posters, who are say one of Ken's people, posted a post, that ran the border line as far as Ken was concerned.

Ken responded, firts by correcting her "wrong-doings"...

But then threw in the nice guy thing, immediatly afterwards.

He says this, " How did you post at EXACTLY midnight?"

Harmless question, right..

No.. It's not harmless, and he knows that.. He is supporting the PROGRAMming in her.

See, he flattered her with that comment, as if she had done something good for a change, but she didn't do fucking anything, it was an accident.

See, he acknowledges the meaningless in her, and reaffirms the path as being a one of rewards. Whoever this girl is, she is a human being.. Ken is destructive towards her.  He knows this.  He does not care.  He is willing to fuck her up, to hide from his own fuck ups.  Frankly, I find Ken's site a little bit scary.

Paul St. John

Elan School / Ken's Site is *NOT* Pro-Elan!
« on: October 08, 2003, 09:22:00 PM »
It is far worse.  The final yoke.

In Ken's you are NOT ALLOWED to talk about Elan.

Follow me...

You are ONLY ALLOWED to talk about Elan people.

In other words, Ken has burnt the bridge between what Elan has done to you, and your road to fixing it!

There is no Elan.. There is NO CAUSE, BUT YOU are still an Elan person.. no way home.

Thank you,
Paul St. John

Elan School / More for that idiot, Ken Zaretsky
« on: October 07, 2003, 03:59:00 AM »
The only grey area is in between Ken's ears..

well, and Marty Kruglik's too.

Ken is a guy who tries to leave Elan, and still stay in it at the same time.
He is a very manipulative man.  When, I think of this fool, I almost wanna just laugh.

He is a counselor for the outsiders.  In Ken's site, he wishes you to heal, from scars, he wants you to deny having.

I am trying to write more about this idoit, but everything I think about him, I get tired.. Oh, what a boring man.

Basically, would like people to think that life does neot even exist, and that it is other' people's job, to bend over backwards, in order to maintain, his site, and stance of utter fucking non-sence..

Ken would probably like to just spend most of his time around Elan Alumni..


Becase they are already brainwashed, and he doesn t have to do it for them.. His lazy in his old age.. He wants people who have already been brainwashed for him.

Paul St. John

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