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well I admit I dont work with kids now or even as some kind of dr or social worker so dont want to come off as an expert in what kids need. Also it was a long time ago now. But it is like i said before if a kid said they were not well they would usually have you tell them to just drink more water. It was usually only if they went really red or white in the face or maybe threw up or something that they would be beleived. I dont remember being explicitly told not to believe kids, it was less overt stuff like being reminded that kids were keen to go home and likely to try manipulative things. We were told to use our judgement with this in mind. The guy who owned the place said he was troubled as a teenager and knew how they thought.
Also some staff did shit that was just bad like being too heavy handed with kids. Like a kid would maybe be obnoxious but not a physical threat but they would restrain them, or if a kid was say having a tantrum one guy I worked with wouldn't actually try and talk them down he'd more say stuff that would make them more keyed up and then get physical. I understood when we learnt restraint technique it was supposed to be for emergencies only not as regular discipline.
On hikes kids werent allowed to know when the next rest stop was or anything. This was totally demotivational and made some kids worse, If you ever coached a sport you'd know the best way to get kids to push themselves is to remind them how close the finish line is not keep them in the dark. Also some kids would have to talk about deeply private stuff that they just didn't want to. Im sure this might be some technique that works with private Drs but it just freaked the kids out to have their friends listening. The kids kept diaries that we were supposed to read for progress. I never kept a diary so dont know what they are all about but anyone who has a sister knows how batshit crazy girls get if you read their diary so I think they should have just given kids privacy here if they really thought the damn thing was such good therapy.
Also some kids were pushed way too hard like one little guy was scared of heights and frankly i think borderline retarded. So we had to go across this bridge and I promised him I would be behind him the whole way and if he did it he wouldn't have to do anything high again (except maybe cross it on the way back). So he did it and we all clapped him and then the next day there is a trust exerciese where you climb up and fall into the other people and I tell him he just has to be a team player and catch the other guys and he is happy enough with that but my co worker later makes him go through with the high climb exercise and he is sheet fucking white and trembling and he eventually literally pisses his pants and is totally humiliated in front of the others. I just dont get how that builds a kid up.

a long while ago i posted about the brief few months I worked at a brat camp called sagewalk when it was pretty new and I now read a kid died there. This is sad but it is not surprising it took so long to happen. They just didn't believe any kid when they said they were not well. This kind of place is not like outward bound, it is not like army cadets or duke of edinborough or any other normal thing.
It takes kids with issues and punishes them and bullies them and doesn't build them up. They say everyone is trained in emergency first aid and we were but what is the point of having that training if you don't practice it?? you are also trained to second guess kids when they are first sick. I saw a kid go from a little unwell to emergency level sick before they helped him. That was the end of the worst 2 months of my employed life and the day i quit. The fact that there are even forums that talk about death counts makes my blood run cold.
Parents even if your kid is running wild do something else to sort them out. Dont risk their health and safety or let adults they dont know or trust bully them.

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