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ok i was looking through their pics here http://

anyone else notice no one is wearing shoes??

must be an upper level privilege.

also go to the midwest web site i posted above and go to their home page they have some good shots on their slide show.

also from the towns online newspaper

"Student wrote on Nov 25, 2008 7:06 AM:
" This school is abusive and the actions behind the walls are horrific. I went there a few years back and thank god they are closing (if true). Those poor students. I can only imagine how much worse it has gotten. Evil Evil place. ""


also at http://

here is the staff bio. there are pics on the web site but i am computer not compatible. so if you want to see them go to the web site.

Mr. James Posz has a Bachelor of Psychology from Iowa Wesleyan College and a Master of Social Work from the University of Missouri . He holds a current license in Social Work- Independent level from the State of Iowa Board of Social Work Examiners. He has had 34 years of social work experience in the public sector prior to joining the Midwest Academy staff in November of 2006. Mr. Posz offers a group on anger management and is equipped to offer groups in adoption related issues as the need arises. He also provides individual counseling to students as well as assisting with staff assessment of students who are struggling in the program.

Mr. Gary LaChapelle is a Certified Reciprocal Alcohol and Drug Counselor currently employed by Midwest Academy . He has earned his education through Southeastern Community College , Jacksonville University , and Auburn University . Gary has had 21 years of experience working in the public sector prior to joining the staff at Midwest Academy in June of 2004. Mr. LaChapelle provides individual counseling in addition to hosting chemical dependency groups.

Ms. Julie Dorothy is the newest of our resident counselors at Midwest Academy arriving this year. She has a Bachelors of Social Work from Mount Mercy College and a Masters degree in Criminal Justice and Social Work from Western Illinois University . Julie holds a Masters level license in Social Work from the State of Iowa board of Social Workers. Julie has 23 years experience working with children ages 8-18 in residential treatment.

on a quick search i found that it is 4,500 (close to it) for 1 month.

see http://

so what do you want on midwest? what should i be looking for? i have done a lot of looking at the facility as well as any articles on it. at one point i contacted the DA and asked for legal papers to protest. he re directed me to the state and well i just let it go.

let me know where to start to dig guys.

oh and just for kev :agree:

that is  what i used. it was original called laftons notes on brainwashing.

Quote from: "Ursus"
One of the reasons these hell-holes achieve such a profound cult following is that they create a "special" little world, with that oh-so-special knowledge, and this is all held together by that "special" erudite language that only those elite and hip enlightened souls who are "in the know" are familiar with. You want to rip that fantasy out on its ear and show exactly what that language means from a different perspective, namely from the perspective of those who have suffered through the double-speak. To do that effectively, you gotta be able to talk that lingo.

i wrote a paper on the lauton notes from ww2 prisoner study. i was able to connect how they brainwashed the POW's and how the behavioral modification schools or what ever you want to call them, us the same things to brain wash the students and parents. the similarity's were too close for comfort.

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