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The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: I have a question about legal age.
« on: September 07, 2006, 12:13:56 AM »
Quote from: Guest
I have heard from some sources that if I send my daughter to a program that is located in a country where the legal age is 21, That she could be held until her 21st birthday. Can anyone confirm this? If so, what country or countries? My daughter is almost 18 and I ned to get her out of the US before her 18th birthday. She needs a lengthy stay at a facilty that will try to help her.[/quote

this has got to be a joke. if not you are a joke of a parent. i am not wasting anymore time on you either way.

Quote from: ""Knight of Swords""
::rocker::  ::bwahaha::  ::bangin:: ::cheers::  ::bigsmilebounce::   :tup:

maybe they understood that


Quote from: ""Knight of Swords""
Quote from: ""Guest""
I think it matters.  Sue is still out there actively hurting kids.  Carey isn't.  Seems that our efforts are better focused on what's happening now.
There you go with the comparisons again. I make one comment about Carey and all of a sudden I'm distracting people from their efforts? WTF is THAT horseshit?? (((LOL))) For fux sake, lighten up and let me hate Carey if I want to!  :rofl:

 hate who you want. i dont care for any of them

BTW, don't send your kids away period. Try to work out your problems at home. It's the best way.[/quote]

agreed 100%. good answer. by the way,sorry we got off to a bad start. i apologize for being snappy the other day

Quote from: ""CURIOUS""
I am investigating for a firm that is looking into a lawsuit against P.U.R.E. and Sue Scheff for referring a child to a program that abused our client's child.  This forum has been helpful but we need the names and locations of the lawsuits to get the court information.  

Anyone have "Carey's" contact info or know where the lawsuit was filed?

thank you for clearing that up-sorry i cant help you though. i do wish you luck in your endeavor though!

Quote from: ""BSarro""
I meant you are idiots for the responses to the anon who is obviously going through a very difficult to say the least situation with her son.

i wont lie to her like you will. the program i was in was not a pretty place and i will not portray it as such. i laid it out for her and you dont like that. the worst thing she can do is send her child off to begin with. i guess you wish she would send her child to your program huh? guess you wish i was in your program too huh? you sound just like them. abuser!!!

Quote from: "Guest"
It's not really Sue, you do know that, right?

Just google her name and the word "sellout" and I'm sure you'll find that bitch's contact info

And exactly how many programs is Carey referring families to and profiting from it?

Let's see....what's worse.  Referring parents and kids to known abusive programs while claiming that you're the 'safe' one and making a tidy sum from it (Sue/PURE) or accepting a few $$$ for info in a lawsuit with that is basically two abusive, greedy fucks suing each other?

Thought so.[/quote)

yeah, but it is fun to think that it is her

PURE Bullshit and CAICA / Re: me
« on: September 05, 2006, 05:35:20 PM »
Quote from: ""Sue Scheff""
Are you talk'en about me, Sue Scheff?

Ya'll are not nice.

 why do you reccomend kids to these abusive programs???????????

Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: ""Guest""
Quote from: ""Guest""
Someone pointed out that existing laws already prohibit a lot of the abuse that goes on in these places, and that the laws are simply not enforced. I'm not sure that's really true. The courts' interpretation of the 14th amendment gives parents a lot of leeway in making educational and health care decisions for their minor children.

That's step one -- exposing these places on the issues of education and health care. If the education is sub-standard or non-existent, how can they call themselves "schools?" If there is no evidence of following established mental health care practices, including assessment of progress by state-regulated practitioners, then they are not "therapeutic" either. This will need to be done on a facility by facility basis.

Once a facility loses its facade of being either a school or a therapeutic center, it will be left with no label other than "privately owned detention facility." And THAT is something I doubt would withstand current interpretations of parental 14th amendment rights. In that event, any advocate, including the state, would have cause for removing a minor from unlawful incarceration without due process.

BTW, I think the educational angle is the more productive avenue of attack. Many public school districts subsidize all or part of the fees these places charge, as a result of a couple different laws (like IDEA) and the typical school district's inability to provide a suitable education alternative for children with these types of 'special needs.' If the teen gulag "school' looks too much like a residential treatment facility, the public school district will say it's a health care facility and the parents' health insurance must foot the bill (which they won't, because they aren't stupid and they know this isn't really 'health care').

So it's a fine balancing act between presenting a "therapeutic" face to the parents, while simultaneously presenting an "educational" face to the public school district.

If you can eliminate the public school systems (our tax dollars!) paying for kids to be incarcerated, and force the entire bill on the parents, at least the number of kids being sent away will be reduced, until such time as these private detention facilities can be shut down for unlawful incarceration.

the government is fully aware of the allegations pointed at these programs. their response is that it is a contractual agreement between two private entities,the parents and the there are no existing laws. therefor there are no laws not being are correct about should do a little research and take a gander at the political ties to all this. it is unbelievable. i am not interested in bringing politics into it but a duck is a duck and a horse is a horse. i wont bring either party into it,but would rather let you do your own would probably make more of an impression on you if you discovered it yourself. it will astound you.

as for the education issue, most of these programs have curriculum that is not even recognised by our public education system. for instance i thought that i had graduated high school only to find out when i went to enroll in college that my diploma was meaningless. not only did i have to go get my G.E.D. but all sense of accomplishment that i did have was completly erased. now there is a good note to start college on. that really helps a persons self-confidence. secondly most of the "teachers" if they are even certified have little or no experience in a classroom. some of these programs dont even educate you. the problem of the programs not educating you is not as existent today because of the heat brought on,but how do you educate some one who is in isolation for thirty days or sixty days or ninety days or one hundred twenty days?see my point? they say it doesnt happen but i promise you it does. most of them claim a 97% parent satisfaction rate and at the same time all of the children exiting these programs are "just liars" now how does that work. oops sorry i strayed a little there. as for school funding i am unaware of the public school system funding  any of these programs unless you are talking about government funded programs which  are also government regulated. in this case we are not discussing the same programs to begin with. my beef is with the parent funded programs which are regulated by no one except the power hungry dictator type fellow that runs it. this is where the politics comes into play and they say it is a contractual agreement. even though countless times abuse is cited by survivors of these programs they will do nothing. do your own research and you will see what i am talking about. it all has to do with politicians and their pockets. if you dig deep enough you will find the connection. i will give you a starting point and point you in the right direction and from there you must come to your own conclusion for as i said i am not trying to make a political issue out of this. i have plenty of other ways of fighting these programs without drawing politics into it  and losing validity of what i say from either party. research wwasps and their founders and their political ties and you will see what i am saying. it will blow your mind, if you have an open mind and accept the facts as they are presented. it will give you a small indication of what we who fight these programs are up against. i dont make it political, they do. and that my friend is just the beginning.

if you know of privately funded programs that are funded by public education please list them for me. they are easy targets.

oops i forgot to log in again this reply is mine sorry[/quote)

ok now iam logged on sorry i just dont want anyone to think i am hiding

PURE Bullshit and CAICA / Re: Sue Scheff's Lawsuits
« on: September 05, 2006, 12:05:43 AM »
Quote from: ""Curious""
I have no interest in the on-line dating.  My/our interest are the large number of deposition and trial testimony of Sue Scheff.  She is involved in a trial with the Carey woman. It is going on now in south Florida.

Any identifying information would be appreciated.  It is public and can be reproduced.

you have me curious-online dating? my/our? identifying information? it is public and can be reproduced? not trying to pry at all but who are you with?[/quote

Hyde Schools / i'm an incoming parents interested
« on: September 04, 2006, 10:26:08 PM »
Quote from: ""Guest""
Note the part, "those kids are a waste of OUR time."  Could this be a staff member posting and not a student?

yup!. pretty plain and simple. he knows that any survivor is gonna sit back and wait and pick him apart. i got tired of waiting. it is a director or staff. if not i welcome him to respond. if parents want to know what goes on there they should not talk to someone who works there,they should talk to former staff or a survivor of that program and then take a tour and ask questions of current staff or students. if they do this their child wont be attending. if they wont let you talk to students of your choice then that is a good indicator that something is not right. whatever you do dont just listen to the brainwashed students that they pick.

Hyde Schools / Re: Statement from Founder Joe Gauld
« on: September 04, 2006, 08:41:10 PM »
Quote from: ""Guest""
Quote from: ""Guest""
Here are two links to a letter to parents signed by Joe Gauld the Founder of Hyde School.    

If you have problems using the link, go to and click on the "Watchlist".  Go to Hyde School.

If any of you have anything to add to this, please contact

Thank you for informing us about this website.  I tried to read Joe Gauld's letter but the font is very small.  It's hard to read.

you can enlarge it

Hyde Schools / Statement from Founder Joe Gauld
« on: September 04, 2006, 08:40:18 PM »
in other words dont question us and keep giving us your money.

Quote from: ""Guest""
Quote from: ""survivor122770""
you have somehow wandered out into left field graspimg at straws to defend bm not necesarilly as a whole but your perception of a part of it. you should wake up and smell the roses and discuss bm as pertaining to this conversation.what you are talking about has nothing to do with bm programs .

I thought this conversation WAS about BM, in programs regulated and unregulated?  If anyone from here is to advocate for change we have to be clear on the issue and these concepts as well as how they were used to harm us, used innapropriately, etc

Quote from: ""survivor122770""
the program i went through had me write nothing and had no rewards.
 Mine did, and writing was not a reward- we had to write hundreds of pages- as part of modifying our behavior and getting us to become more vulnerable so that it could be used against us, as part of internalizing their values (which were contradictory)... we did not matter in the equation.

Quote from: ""survivor122770""
as a matter of fact there was a punishment for everything no matter what even if you did everything the way they wanted you to.

yup, same here

Quote from: ""survivor122770""
you had to be ready for anything at any given second.

that was the worst part for me- constant anxiety, all the time- waiting to be the focal point, to be pointed out as the bad kid.

Quote from: ""survivor122770""
you tried to be as quiet as possible and tried to make yourself as small and as invisible as you could.

I did that too!

Quote from: ""survivor122770""
its not it is torture and abuse by even the most lax standards


this is bm as i know it. i have never experienced it as you spoke of . that would have been a vacation to me. i have been turned against bm in any form. simply put bm is negative reinforcement and i cant stomach it or support it as it is abused far to often.i dont think that it should be used  in any program as it is too tempting for the power hungry staff to abuse it. once done too many people want to turn their heads because that is much easier than speaking up. that is just as bad as the person doing the abuse. we must do away with it for their is no way to regulate someones silence

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