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The Troubled Teen Industry / Peninsula Village
« on: August 23, 2006, 08:45:02 PM »
Yeah, I know, but given the nature of these facilities, and the fact my stepdaughter is at PV and going through some horrible stuff, we went the extra mile looking for information on PV's staff, especially curriculum vitae.  We had to search for it because Peninsula Village will not give out any information on the staff involved with the kids day-to-day, so the facility can be blamed for making people dig deep.  I wasn't worried about the smiling faces of the administrative staff, although searching turned up some alarming details about the certifications and licenses of some VERY high-up types.  My stepdaughter was restrained by five counselors at PV, all of them sitting on her, right in front of my wife.  How do you think she felt seeing her daughter being brutally assaulted?  (I've read up on the Cornell TCI, and that is NOT what was used on the girl)  She took pictures to document abuse she knew was terribly wrong, criminally wrong, and for doing that she hasn't been allowed to see her daughter at all.  Both of them are traumatized.  I'm not picking out individuals to lay blame on, it's the ORGANIZATION that's evil, abusive, and criminal.  PV's slogan is 'Mending young lives and restoring families,".  What a farce.  Now I'm going back to working on getting custody of my stepdaughter and getting her OUT OF PV.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Peninsula Village
« on: August 23, 2006, 08:06:53 PM »
The staff you are attacking are the ones who really love the kids. But I will agree that the program is not what it used to be. Alot of stuff has changed there and it isn't for the better. The program used to work. But it's not the staff. It is the clinical staff. Program counselors don't have to have degrees. But they are supposed to get guidance from the clinicians. It shouldn't really matter what the staff do on their own time. You can love bondage and still teach someone how to be a better person.

I don't give a damn what anyone does in their bedroom, or whatever fetishes they enjoy.  That's their private business, but to post B+D pix on a public site and identify yourself as a counselor at a teen RTC is NOT SMART.  To discuss financial concerns of the facility is NOT SMART, and obviously somebody else considered it wrong.  I've talked to former patients about the photographer, they liked her a lot.  No one's saying she's a bad person.  I think she shows questionable judgement, and as three psychiatrists have told me, the pictures aren't the issue, it's the fact she identified herself as a counseler at PV.  The psychiatrists agreed it was unethical and unprofessional.  I imagine any "good Christian" sorts would have second thoughts about placing their kids in PV if they were aware of blog sites like the ones so recently removed.

Quote from: ""Guest""
Why shouldn't he be proud of it? It doesn't take a degree to teach common sense and that's what alot of these kids need taught. It doesn't take a degree to love these kids - which is what alot of them were missing from home.

Methinks thou doth protest too much.  Which facility are you a counselor at, and have you not been keeping up with this thread?  These people are hired to conduct therapy sessions with these kids.  PV is willing to hire people with GED's to conduct therapy on teenagers.  If they have experience, where did they get it?  STRAIGHT? The Seed?  SynAnon?  I agree they need common sense.  The PV counselor at the top of this thread posted where she worked, the financial problems the facility is having, and named a person at the facility as being uptight about the finances.  All this information is surrounded by photos she took of girls in positions of submission, in bondage gear, in restraints.  She has the ability at PV to have young girls restrained, put in straitjackets, etc., all her favorite things.  Do you really think this counselor shows common sense?  It's unethical, it's unprofessional, it's STOOPID.  By the way, PV yanked down that counselor's site and probably sacked her as well TODAY.  It's a good thing I saved all the web pages complete.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bad Girl, Bad Writer
« on: August 23, 2006, 01:33:27 AM »
Let's make sure everyone sees it:

An advertisement for an abusive facility that breaks kids and then puts them back together as brainwashed robots... as told by one of their so-called 'successes'. Shocking only in the way that the author seems to truly believe that being isolated from human contact, allowed no friends and no conversation, and spending most of the day sitting on her bed (not being allowed to talk or even look at things), truly helped her 'recover'.

They wouldn't allow my stepdaughter to have any books unless they were of a "spiritual" nature, so my wife sent her the Tao Te Ching.  Her daughter wasn't allowed to have it, of course, because it wasn't "Christian" spiritual. Grrrrr....

This Abigail Vona...can't write, she had the book ghost-written and got it published whoredom, I guess.  Read about it here, straight from her former boyfriend, Doug Dechert.  He was 46, had publishing connections,  she was 18,, I guess.  Doug Dechert's  an egomaniacal simpleton as well, he thinks Abby was genuinely attracted to a wizened, dried-up scuz like himself.

From Doug Dechert, ex-boyfriend of Abby Vona:  
Abby's theory boiled down to, "Since I'm having sex with you, you should be my agent for free." I refrained from pointing out to her the moral implications of that line of thought.

Again from Dechert:
Dechert calls his ex-girlfriend - who dumped him last month - "barely literate." He adds that she has "the heart of a mercenary and the soul of a hustler."

Sounds like the girl is a LYING MANIPULATOR, and damn, I thought Peninsula Village "modified" that kind of behavior.  Yet another PV failure.

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