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It disgusts me to hear these stories that all of you are bringing forward. I was pulled from Boulder Creek Academy (one of the few remaining cedu schools of any stature) in August of '02 after 22 months. Boulder Creek seemed to be pretty much void of the molestation and absolute abuse you all are describing, but that in no way means that I do not believe it. These people had the power to do all that, so why wouldn't they?

I want to help in any way I can against any sort of cause that can bring cedu to its knees. I was not hurt in the ways you are describing, but I witnessed the lies, deceit, and certain degrees of abuse of power firsthand.

To the credit of the teacher who posted here, she/he is correct. If there was one group of cedu "staff" that had the students' well-being at heart 100% of the time, it was the un-contracted teachers. Much thanks to them for doing the best they possibly could to help us.

My name's Artie...I got sent to BCA in December 2000...left in August '02. Just like most of you...I hated it. I'm doin' pretty well, but I still think that place fucked my mind in many ways.

Nonetheless, some of the friends I made there were the best friends I've ever had. I had to keep my circle pretty tight there, but those that I was close with, I loved those kids to death.

Unfortunately, I've lost touch with just about everyone. Since most people want to forget about that place, it's hard to find old friends from out there. So I want to do something about it...get something going that most cedu kids know about where they can just pop in and start talkin' with some of their good friends again.

One of my best friends at bca, Devin DeFeo, was killed about 2 months ago. Another is spending 7 years minimum in state prison. I don't want to keep finding out about these kids going down like if anyone else out there feels me, let me know.

Hopefully we can get some site goin' where bca, rma, and all cedu survivors can get the word out on how they're doin' and where they're at. Post back to this, or hit me up sn is dniceo7, and my e-mail is [email protected]

I hope to hear from someone...later fools!

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