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Feed Your Head / Re: Wilderness program testimonies needed
« on: November 03, 2011, 09:32:22 AM »
Quote from: "Ursus"
Quote from: "Oscar"
Quote from: "Done That"
Wilderness programs are safer than public schools, driving and drinking.  I think it's important you don't mislead people, lol.
Aspen Achievement Academy closed after 23 years and 1,100 graduations. One kid died in 2007. The loss rate is 0,1%. A program like Catherine Freer has served just as many, but they have lost 3 teenagers.

How dangerous is public schools compared to the number of users?
How dangerous are public streets compared to the number of users?
How dangerous are alcohol consumption compared to the number of users?

Get the numbers of the table. What are the loss rates?
Quote from: "325troll"
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University had a higher loss rate during the Seung-Hui Cho era.
It's not just the rates. It's also whether the deaths were foreseeable given the circumstances, and could have been prevented.

Many of the deaths in wilderness programs occur when staff fail to recognize the seriousness of an injury and/or physiological condition.

Why? Because they assume that the kid is faking or exaggerating. Staff are generally informed, by management and co-workers, that that's what these kids do, and part of their job is to push these kids beyond their comfort point. It's all part of the "therapy."

Staff are also subjected to indoctrination by programs, not just kids. You could say one of the job benefits is immersion in the "therapeutic milieu."  :twofinger:

Whether true or not, the thing is, parents should think if it's a good option to be considering these places for their own children. It actually should be their last option, IMO because there's definitely no substitute to good parenting. In the first place there are considerations to think of including the cost of sending our kids to possibly illegitimate troubled youth programs, like this, for example.. Being aware of how a certain program operates and how effective their procedures are are something parents should do before thinking of immediately trusting their kids to these types of programs.

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