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EdCons and referring organizations and agencies / To Whitmore
« on: May 09, 2006, 05:15:00 PM »
i stand by my statement regardless of who he is, even the president of the united states is just a man nothing more. titles and labels and jobs and anything else that deals with a leadership statement simply reflect the clarvoincy or lack there of, of the people who put them in power. what warren jeffs did was his own choice, not that of the entire morman faith

EdCons and referring organizations and agencies / To Whitmore
« on: May 09, 2006, 05:11:00 PM »
also you yourself said that the actions of one or two mormans do not reflect the entire beleif or religion, so your comment about the FBI's most wanted list, im afraid, is not viable.

i hope all of you one day see the truth. and for all of you out there who have no real connection to behavior modification programs or the whitmore itself, i advise you to get a life. I implore everyone to speak up whatever the're stance might be, however i disagree with all of you and i did attend the whitmore academy. i am not posting this to start a fight or even fight back because with this i am not starting a battle. if you would like an argument look for my other posts. i am simply saying here that if you do not have any personal attachment(knowing the people), buisness attachment, please leave them alone. They don't need people who don't care critisizing them. However, if you do have a connection whether it be through buisness, or personal matter, I hope you have the courage to speak up. I do not support what you are saying, but i beleive in ur right to say it. I am for the Whitmore, and that's that. If you are one of these people who thinks it's cool to get involved in such personal strife and heartache, leave everyone here alone. There are obviously people here who have either been hurt by this situation, or who care immensly, and wed all be happier if you don't actually care about what you are saying to leave us alone

EdCons and referring organizations and agencies / To Whitmore
« on: May 09, 2006, 03:59:00 AM »
mormans dont practice polygamy anymore btw, only a certain amount of specified sects of the morman belief do and they stay in their own little towns unless they need to go elsewhere. and they don't accept sex with minors because they dont accept sex before marraige, and if im wrong the only way you can get married is when you're 18, OR with a parental permission at a younger age, in which , i believe at least, that if you are willing to make such a committment, ( and in the morman belief the committment lasts an eternity) you deserve to be able to enjoy sex and are willing to have children. and the only "bizzare rituals" i have seen have been teen dances, and going to church on sunday, which i can see is completely not christian. o wait did i say not christian because i meant to say entirely christian. but humor me and explain to me these rituals you speak of. just to give you a heads up, in the time i spent in utah, not once did u see a lamb being sacraficed on an alter, or a host of virgins being slayed. if you decide that religious freedom is not worth living in america i implore you to leave because if you would like to remember back to grade school, that is EXACTLY what this country was founded on. What i am saying here, i realize has nothing to do with the sudweeks, so if you people are going to talk about the whitmore, i would appreciate it if you would not try and put down other religions. I am not mormon, I have never been morman, so to dismiss any further accusasions of me being a mormon making up things to defend my religion you are wrong. I simply beleive that mormans are just as christian as say lutherans, who also started not too long ago if you recall. so have fun with you're freedom of speach because it is just as american as freedom of religion. which values of the mormans are f***ed up because i thought that treating one another like christ would WAS christian. and treating you're body as you're temple was what the bible said. BTW not everyone living in Utah is a morman. There is actually several christian churches, just down the street from the morman temple. and to let you konw as well, most of the mormans i met were very intellegent, not to say all of them, because as we all know not everyone is born with the same gifts. I wish the best for all of you, and i wish you good fortune

Who Am I Discovery/Whitmore / WHITMORE NEWS
« on: May 09, 2006, 03:46:00 AM »
yea it was november of 2004 when i got out my bad im sure all of you will rip on me for that cuz i made a mistake

I agree in saying the whitmore should be put in the media along with all the other lies. you people like to look at these kind of things because it makes you feel like you give a hoot about the world. Now granted, some of you posting here are either former whitmore kids, or parents of whitmore kids, and you do care. However it seems to me that rarely any of you even mention cheryl's name. You talk about Sue Scheff or whatever. Ive never even heard about her. I dont care who she is. What i care about is when people lie about a person like cheryl because, unlike people who never went there, i saw that she put every once of energy and love she had into the kids that went there. She cared just as much about the kids at the whitmore as she did about her own, and she is a loving, caring, concidering parent. I feel bad mostly for her family because they don't deserve to be going through all of this, and neither does she. If you are going to be angry about all this, take it up with the Utah board of education or one of the other governmental departments that "let this slide  under the radar". Don't blame cheryl sudweeks for caring, or for trying to make a living off of the thing she cared most about which is helping other people. Cheryl gave me the greatest gift i ever had, and if you people wanna say that im lying or that i dont even know Cheryl or something stupid like that you can go ahead, but if cheryl didn't help me, than i dont know how i went from a depressed, suicidal, self hating kid who was incapable of love to a person who cares so much about other people, and a person who would do anything for the person that he loves. and if you wanna make fun of my grammar or something else like that because you couldnt think of anything better to say feel free to go ahead and do so because ill know that what i said stopped you in you're tracks. Im expecting you people to throw out names and money signs and numbers in return, and you have every right to do so, but nothing you can say can make me feel differently about the way i feel about cheryl or the way i feel about myself. someday you or your kids will be listening to the music i make, and you wont even know it. every song i write, i write with cheryl in mind. every time i feel down i try and remember what cheryl would say. everytime i feel happy or i feel like i did something great, i wish cheryl was there because i konw she would be proud of me. numbers, and laws, and names, and words do not overcome the power of Love, and that is all Cheryl wanted to do. We live in a weak society. Everytime we hear about something discomforting, we change the channel, or change the website, or put down the paper. We make up laws so that anything that doesnt seem "PC" is against the law. Now i may be wrong about laws and what not and the contract because i never read it myself, but if i am correct in saying that when we are put there for whatever time we are, it is under her and mark's custody. Ive had my fair share of abuse and pain but none of it came from the household of Mark and Cheryl Sudweeks. I wish you all good fortune and good times to come.

Sincerely,  Mark ponte

PS for all you people who may disbeleive me in saying who i am, and it has happened on this forum in the past, feel free to ask me any questions. I know who i am.

Who Am I Discovery/Whitmore / WHITMORE NEWS
« on: May 09, 2006, 03:23:00 AM »
hey i went to whitmore, and i was just wondering if half of you people posting on this forum do it because you care, or because you think its cool that you have a say on something online, or because you think it's pissing the people off or whatever im not shooting you down i just wan interested in what you wanna do here because it just makes me sad to see people shooting someone down that i care for deeply almost two years after i left the whitmore. My name is Mark Ponte i went to the whitmore on november 17th of 2003 and i came back on november 18th of 2005. it might have been the 19th i dont remember quite so clearly. it doesnt matter either way. i don't think there was any "brain washing" or any of that stuff that you guys say is going on, but to me the only people i respect hearing from are the people that attended the whitmore because those are the only people that really know what went on there, and they will support me in saying that the sudweeks don't deserve to go through this.

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