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The Seed Discussion Forum / lost my brother to an overdose...
« on: March 21, 2003, 11:17:00 AM »
thank you every one for the kind words...
 it`s been a tough 3 weeks for me.. i guess it will get better with time..

  frank would have liked what everyone wrote..

 thanks again,


The Seed Discussion Forum / lost my brother to an overdose...
« on: March 17, 2003, 06:23:00 AM »
just thought i would post this about my brother because he posted here under the name "big frank". he was a seed survivor from south fl. and lived in seattle washington for the past 5 yrs. well, he was found in his apartment dead 3 weeks ago yesterday... an overdose of heroin..
 he was my baby brother and i got him to post here when i discovered this site several months ago. he had posted about how one of his old comers beat him with a belt in front of the family. and made him drop his pants..
 he had recently lost his job and was very despondent the past few weeks prior to his death.
  just thought i would share this with you guys..
  thanks for letting me vent..


The Seed Discussion Forum / Heroine at 14?????????
« on: March 17, 2003, 06:16:00 AM »
what is so hard to believe about shooting heroin at such an early age??
  it amazes me that you are unaware of such things..
 myself i was 13 yrs old when i first shot heroin.. big brother was home from vietnam and turned on little brother to his 1st hit of smack..
  it sure was happening around my part of the world..


The Seed Discussion Forum / More Trivia
« on: September 24, 2002, 05:47:00 PM »
no not the same guy anonymous.. this guy was strictly a local wtvj channel 4 miami local yokal. was taped in miami at 7:00 am on week days..his real name is(was chuck zink..) and was he pissed when the seed got run out of town.. he called everybody responsible a bunch of jerks etc. etc. i was really surprised that they did broadcast the show that day.. sure raised some eyebrows..


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The Seed Discussion Forum / More Trivia
« on: September 24, 2002, 05:37:00 AM »
i`ll never forget in miami there was a childrens program on television called "skipper chuck". well the day or the week that the seed was run out of town mr. skipper chuck(his real name was chuck zink) came on the program (now mind you this was a childrens show with popeye cartoons etc.)  he came on, and on live tv or 1 day tape delay i guess and ridiculed everybody who was responsible for running the seed out of town.. it was something to see and hear thats for sure. im guessing it was around 73 or later..

 anybody remember this??


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The Seed Discussion Forum / Time for a check in
« on: September 11, 2002, 06:52:00 AM »
seed in ft. laud. 1st time 70- (escaped)

2nd time-73-blimp hanger-opa locka (escaped)

3rd time-73 or 74 not sure-tropical park miami- escaped...

 as you can tell it didn`t agree with me to

 i now live in va.
 am a lisc. optician, also run a small sign buisness.


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that`s what i remember also.. about 500 people over at 84.

 seemed like there were just as many over at the blimp hanger in opa-locka when i was there later..


The Seed Discussion Forum / The humiliating seed!
« on: August 21, 2002, 07:43:00 AM »
>>>Not only was violence used, but the Seed handily had the judges and police in their pocket in St Pete, and they were overjoyed to remind you of this constantly. <<<

   absolutely correct! they also had many a judge in miami too.. alphonso sepe for one judge in particular. this judge would send people left and right to the seed..
 weird memories thats for sure..


The Seed Discussion Forum / In Re: The Seed and their Successes
« on: July 24, 2002, 07:37:00 AM »
in my opinion, the seed is or was 1 of the "worse" drug rehabs around at the time. there were places like "concept house", "spectrum", and of course "the seed". they all pretty much tried to scare the living hell out of you...when i went in or was forced in to the seed i had already been shooting heroin for a few yrs prior. the seed and their 12 step mentality caused more harm imo than good. i think back and i remember a friend of mine , his name was Larry Spell... he was a viet nam vet( a marine) who had been through hell and back. well he was court ordered also like myself into the seed... he went through it and completed it. but about 2 weeks after completing the seed he turned up dead in a motel room from an overdose of heroin and or dilaudid... i am sure that the "seed" didnt help matters to say the least...
 this is just a little tribute to a friend Larry Spell. and to many others who this gulag type seed mentality has done way more harm than good..
 sorry to go off on a little tyrade here, it justs irks me to no end when thinking about the "seed"...
 thanks for listening..


The Seed Discussion Forum / seed survivor
« on: July 19, 2002, 06:47:00 AM »
i stand corrected.. and i apologise for saying that i was on the seed in the late 60`s.. i thought it was 69 but little brother who is also a seed survivor informed me that it was 1970. things were alittle hazy  for me in that time. i was sent there on 3 different occasions.  which was court ordered. which every single time i "escaped" the last time was in 73 or 74 and that was at the tropical park race track in miami. that time i was considered a "rabbit". so i was sent at night to a special seedling house where a bunch of oldtimers were living and renting a house. i was watched very closely for 3 months. i was even made to sleep in a room where there were 3 oldtimers sleeping in front of the bedroom door and the windows were boarded up so`s i could not even think about getting away from there... finally after 3 months of nightly bull-shit and interrogation type techniques my oldtimer said" let him go to the bathroom on his own". "he`s been here long enough" " he won`t run"... well, thats all i needed was a slight little break from them constantly "watching me" shit, shower, and shave.. poooof.. i was gone out the window of the kitchen which btw was the only 1 in the house that wasnt boarded up.. i will never forget that day.. i ran about 10 blocks non-stop until i couldnt see anyone running after me and  climbed a i must of sat in that tree for 2 or 3 hrs it seemed at the time all the while watching these old timers driving around looking for me.. i eventally chose jail rather than "the seed".. yes, they tried a 4th time but i was old enough now to tell them give me
 that itself is another story...
   btw, i am getting my brother to come here and post also. he should be popping up in a day or 2..
 i just cant believe that that damn place existed for so long.. i lost close friends as im sure every 1 here did due to this bull shit thinking or brainwashing techniques.
  i was rehashing with my brother about those times yesterday and the names we remembered were of course "libby", david underwood, arthur, there were a few more but i will let my brother tell his story.. i never completed the seed like you guys did.. my brother did complete it.. i dont see how you guys did it but i guess at 12 and 13 yrs old you are so damn scared..
  until later my friend..

  blue morphine

The Seed Discussion Forum / seed survivor
« on: July 18, 2002, 11:05:00 AM »
hey ,
 i am also a seed survivor from about the same time you probably were too. christ, i shudder at the thought of the seed still going? is it? i also am from south fl and was actually at ft. laud. in the late 60`s. was also "sentenced" to the seed from court. i also "escaped" several times actually.. i was also back in the seed a few yrs later at the opa locka airport.. seems that they moved around alot .. man. i shudder at the thought of the abuses that went on there. i am 51 yrs old. i also had a brother who went there too as a little 13 yr old..
   talk to you later..
  blue morphine

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