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I would like to know how most of these places WWASPS aside (I know enough) treat kids with major depression, suididaility and self-injury (without substance abuse or conduct disorder). Drugs, any REAL psychotherapy at any of these places, DBT,?????

Thanks. It's urgent. Trying to help someone


I am looking for anyone who's had experience going to any Aspen Ed (some just recently purchased by them) RTC's with a diagnosis of Major Depression with any conduct disorder, Oppositional defiance, or substance abuse?
For a reminder here's what Aspen currently owns and they keep growing every day! I'm trying to help someone in one of these and would like to know how their "major depression" and suicidality was "treated" THANKS

Aspen Ranch
Aspen Achievement
Turn About
Academy at Swift River
Copper Canyon
SUWS of Carolinas
Youth Care
Pine Ridge
North Star
Mt. Batchelor
New Leaf
Stone Mountain

P.A. D.

Anyone have experience w/Youth Care, Inc. or Pine Ridge or any AEG school, particularly in Utah, particularly not JAHCO, although I'd be interested in non Utah, Jahco accredited as well.
AEG looks spiffy now. But it won't for long.

I'll post more in a few weeks.

Also, does anyone have an AEG contract from any of their facilities? I'm desperate to see text,
especially for residential treatment. But I'd take any contract from any of them.

Open Free for All / YouthCare or PineCrest in Utah or other AEG
« on: July 23, 2004, 07:32:00 PM »
Will post experience RE: the above in a few weeks, but looking for other's stories, especially non-JAHCO accredited, Utah would be good, relatively recent stories, but any for the particular ones above would be appreciated. I know how shiney AEG looks. But it won't for long.

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