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Brat Camp / J. Huffine
« on: July 30, 2005, 06:55:00 PM »
I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone who is watching J. Huffine on Brat Camp know that he is no longer with the Sagewalk program. Actually, both he and his wife, Willow Huffine, disappeared from the staff page within a few months of Brian Rossiter, Program Director during Brat Camp, and Kevin Warner, CEO during Brat Camp. They are still active in the industry however, and both now work for Second Nature Wilderness Program in Duchesne, Utah(1).

Brian Rossiter also just turned up at Santiam Crossing, a program of Catherine Freer (2). Still no sign of Kevin Warner resurfacing though.


The Troubled Teen Industry / Today's Surprise
« on: February 19, 2005, 12:11:00 AM »
Everyday I read these posts beacause I have developed an interest in this industry for my own personal reasons. After that I follow-up with an erratic search down the trail of various programs and administrators/staff. Almost every time I do I am surprised by what I find (I sometimes do follow dead ends). Surprised is probably a bad word. Angry usually fits, disgusted does too. I think I am in a similar boat with most people here (except for the fact I never actually had to deal with any of these programs, which I am extremely grateful for) wishing these programs were gone.

Even though I found it from a post here, I felt it was worth bringing back up. The thing that disgusted me today was "New Beginnings Maternity Home". I know from talking to my wife and her experience with Straight that getting pregnant was one of her few guarantees against going back. Apparently WWASP has found a solution to this problem. The level of pressure these girls are under during "counseling" sessions has to be enormous. Just picture it, WWASP gets both the parents money for imprisoning their child ("While the young women will be here voluntarily, the young women are never to leave the facility without staff and are expected to follow all rules".....from New Beginnings Maternity Home, Supervision page), and they get whatever fees they charge to the prospective adoptive families.

If anyone doubts that this a WWASP affiliate, all they have to do is click the "Contact Us" link where they will be taken directly to TeenHelp(

There was today's surprise. Hopefully there won't be one tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next one..........

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