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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Universal Declaration of Human Rights
« on: November 04, 2002, 07:39:00 AM »
So I have a friend, that is an expert in Human Rights law, who wanted a test case to bring the UN Declaration of Human Rights into the US courts.

The US, as a member of the UN and a signatory of its charter is responsible to uphold its declarations as laws, therefore, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is law in the US, but this has never been tested.

Hearing about the abuse we suffered in the likes of KIDS, Straight, etc., She thought that it would make a decent test case, and she thinks the funding can come from such orgs that would be interested in seeing a test case succeed such as Amnesty International (a group I don't always believe in, but will defend thier right to say anything they want and chapion anything they want).

Anyway, more as I know it, they won;t be able to start on this until next April, but she was trying to figure out a way that those of us were locked out via statute of limitation to bring suit against the bastards :smile:

This would be similar to them being brought up for war crimes *laugh*


Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / I'm back (kinda)
« on: July 01, 2001, 08:31:44 PM »
I'm back (kinda)
noone knew I really left aside from Ginger and Kim, I spent last  Thursday-Sunday in the local psyche ward, I signed myself in with some hesitation and fear, see, earlier in the day I had had so many memories come flooding backnin that I didn;t know how to handle it, at some point I cut the word KIDS into my arm and tried to cut my wrists, this was last Thursday, I'm now on a bunch of psyche meds and trust me, didn;t exactly want to do all that stuff, in fact I wasn't sure what I was thinking when I did it. It was just one big downward spiral of stuff, I wish I could.  explain more. So anyway, I'm back, I'm looking here once in a while, its difficult for me, when I found this stuff it opened Pandora's Box of memories and I'm dealing with it. Unlike alot of people, I never was on 5th phase or staff, I was thrown from just being  puton 2nd phase back into the world. I spent almost 2 years on first phase.  Its difficult reading stories of people who had a chance to "break":  it on thier own. I on the other hand kept fighting for two years to keep my sense of identity, while I kept being told how much of a freak I was. My  saving grace has to be I'm probably the most stubborn woman on the face of the earth, my partner/fiancee can attest to that (yes, those who have been talking to me read that right, the two lesbians have wedding bells in thier future)

Alot of times its not helping to hear "I got past it" when I'm going through it right now. , I want to know HOW. Right now, I'm almost reliant upon medications to get a good night sleep, reliant on medications to feel safe by myself, reliant on medications to be ok in the back of a car, I can;t go to presentations where people are sitting in rows, I'm missing a Depeche Mode concert tonight because I know that I wouldn;t have been able to handle it, I sent my fiancee and my best friend instead, and now I'm going to sleep for the next few hours. They kept me from living my life 2 years in  there, and now they've kept me from living 7 years after. Isn;t enough enough? If anyone's got ideas that are firm ideas, I'm willing to  give them a shot.  Ok meds kicking in, definitely sleep time.

Hi All, guess this may be the right place?
and not the mailing list? Anyway, I know some people don't recognize the name, but anyone from KIDS between April of 93 to September/October of 1994 may remember Pat Lynch, now Trish Lynch, who is me. I was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, several years after KIDS.

In KIDS, it was a "drug problem", of which I definitely don't have, and a "sexual compulsion", if you stretch it, I guess the idea that you aren;t a man, but a woman due to hormonal disruptions when you were younger/in the womb, is quite a compulsion.

Having a difficult time lately with all of this, even though its been 7 years, I'm one tough-assed bitch who decided to ignore it all until I was in a better spot. SO I've survived physically, and I'm doing well financially and professionally, but now I'm finding that I'm having worse flashbacks and remembering alot I just didn;t remember, I'm now pretty agoraphobic, I can;t ride in the back seats of cars,  I feel like I see people from KIDS all over town (I live in Queertown, MA, Northampton, where the lesbians abound). I have trouble sleeping at night because of nightmares, so I'm about as sleep deprived as I was when I was there.

I've been searching on and off on the internet for years, since I'm internet woman, and ubergeek, and work for the worlds largest geek web site.  (Slashdot) for others, and it seemed all mention had dropped off the face of the earth until recently. Last night, while in a real funk, and trying to find something for my Therapist to work with, I found an archive of info kept by someone (Ginger maybe?)  which both made my night, and made it really rough for me and my SO (she's wonderful though)

Anyway, thats enough, I can;t say I'm ecstatic to be rehashing all of this, but knowing there are others of us out there may help me with finally healing and putting them behind me.

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