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Hi Everyone. I was also sent off to Bethesda. I was sent there for running away from home with my sister. I was there during 1979-1980. I had to go look in that Bible they give you.. From Uncle Bert and Aunt Dot..Right... Like they were so close to us as to be called Aunt and Uncle.. I remember one girl that was sent to the home who tried to run away and they handcuffed her and made her sleep on the floor in the hallways laying on the handcuffs. I remember the beatings if you were bad, and the two cookies if you were good. I still have issues with religion thanks to this place. I don't remember anyones names.. I think i tried to block it out. My name is Micky Ditto. I was definitely there for Christmas of 79. My step mom and Dad sent stuffed animals to everone and i remember being surprised we got to keep them..I only learned years later that it closed down, but i was soooooo glad. That place was a nightmare..

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