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News Items / US GAO Report
« on: August 11, 2008, 04:04:49 PM » ... timony.pdf

OMG.  I read this stuff and I just get so angry.   The US GAO is an indisputable source of  unbiased information for this topic.

Happy reading. 

(June 26, 2008) Jennie Yabroff, writing for Newsweek, is researching for an in-depth and fair story on wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools. She wants to focus on the experience of girls and their families. Jennie would like to talk to parents who are anywhere in the process and want to share their story. Nobody will be quoted without his or her express permission. Jennie can be contacted at ... 0726.shtml

shanlea123,  I also have communication problems with my Mother.   By the time, I was sent to RMA she was, thankfully,  not my custodian.  I donot harbor a grudge against my parents for sending me to RMA, nor for creating the situation that made a place like RMA a possibility for me.  They did the best that they could with their limitation.  Neither of my parents had any business having children.  On a superficial level, I really enjoy both my parents.  They are well-read, witty, great conversationalist, and occasionally brilliant.  I talk to them 3 - 4 times a year max., and see them maybe once every two years.   The last time I saw my mother was when my grandmother was dying.  At one point, I said to her "Mom, let's keep this pleasant and talk about something else".   My mother was emotionally unavailable for the rest of our time together after that comment, and it was really just as well.   My grandmother helped to raise me, and after she died I was left feeling like a homeless orphan.     

On the same trip, a group of us were sitting at the dinning room table when one of uncles or aunts asked about RMA.  I was floored.  I graduated in 87 -- 20 years later someone asks. I mentioned the riots at NWA:  The kid who hung himself:   The many of my peers that have committed suicide or have been incarcerated:  The fact that it is closed: It is a cult.  It was built on synanon, and that movement came out of torture techniques developed in the Korean war.  I was on a soap box for about 5 minutes. I loved every moment of my soliloquy.   I closed the conversation with I'd prefer not to talk about this again.   I had no desire for them to ask questions that would just bring on more nightmares, or upset me. I could see no benefit in hearing what they had to say about the subject. 

Thank you for writing about your dream.   Its reassuring to know I am not alone.

Interesting dream.  I am all for guilt free living.

I have a re-occurring nightmare about cedu/rma.   I find myself on campus.  I am my current age and with my current level of resources.   I am told that I am a student again for the 3rd time.  [beats me where I did that second time at RMA -- but 3rd times resonates as valid]   I am looking up at the main smoking porch from the path leading up from the garden house.   I tell someone that I cannot stay.  I tell that person that I have to take care of my kid [who I love more than life itself].   The person suggests that my child is not important or does not exist, and that I have no choice but to remain.  I panic.   The panic wakes me up, and I go look at my sleeping kid. 

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