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Post by: Anonymous on May 03, 2005, 12:33:00 PM
I am an alllumni as well. and I had a bad, actually really-bad experience at MMS. I was always usually on punishment/"intervention" while I was there. I did not do anything so awful to deserve it, and the issues that I was dealing with at the time deserved to be handled with love and attention rather than being dealed through anger, and being ignored. I was not even brought there because of extensial drug/alcohol usuage or permiscuity. I was just a very damaged child since I was born and abused most of my life.

I can see that there's definetly a problem between girls who had a good experice and a bad experince. I believe that it's great that some us managed to make it through and look positively at the school, but I don't understand how some say "the school saved my life, or "the school changed me"....WE CHANGED OURSELVES, AND SAVED OUR OWN LIVES, and I believe this with my entire heart. You are the one who commited yourself to everything and made the best of things....just like me...I cried many times at MMS and I wanted to give up, but I looked to the man above (God) to survive this. My story is actually diffent from many because the work that I labored was extreme to the point that my hands would get stuck each morning from all the work that I had done. I would work endless mornings and nights with only 15 minute breaks in between. In surviving all of it made me strong and very wise..but it could have been any institution, prison, metal institution etc...I DID IT, I SAVED MYSELF. I SAVED MY OWN LIFE.

I validate your good experiences, and I think that I would rather see it as you do, but I can't. It's seems as though people with good experiences are "protecting the school" and those who had bad experiences are "bashing the school." I think that most of us have decent lives now, and should not even bother in getting in a battle about it. I do believe that all the credit needs to be put where it deserves. YOURSELVES. Even now we are the ones battling for our own lives. no one else is doing it for us. We run our own lives. and just because someone had a bad experience does not mean that they have bad lives now. I have a great life! AND I DID IT!
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I wish I knew who you were because I agree with you.  Email if you wish.

Ashlee Terry Rumfallo
[email protected]
Post by: ainoue on May 03, 2005, 08:21:00 PM
I really agree with that as well.  If you read my post, it was titled "MMS changed my life," but inside that post I also wrote that I can't credit MMS for all my changes, because it was I who chose to change.  It really takes a lot of pain to decide to change your life.  A lot of times it seems like you are changing who you are.  What it really comes down to for a lot of troubled teens (come on girls - lets face it - if we ended up there, regardless of how we walked away - we were a group of fucked up kids!!) is that we can't change who we are, but we can try to get back to a more clear point in our minds to search for some peace.  It took me a long time to make that choice there, because I was scared to see who I really was.  I also believe that MMS wasn't the right environment for some people to do that in.  I think the main point is that it wasn't the staff there, or the fact that it was in Montana, or any of the other stuff - that "saved" my life.  I ultimately had to make that decision - and have had to continually keep myself in check over the past years.    Anyway, I appreciate your post and wanted to say that I admire your ability to change your life around.  I don't know you, but maybe you know me... even if not, you've got my respect.  You are living proof that people can survive hardships in life and still turn out strong and beautiful.
Post by: Anonymous on May 03, 2005, 08:43:00 PM
MMS gave us a chance to change ourselves- I know that I needed it in order to see what I was doing to myself was destructive. I made the changes because I saw, from Doug and Zoe and Colleen and older girls,  that life could get better. I know that without MMS, I would probably have died. So while I changed my life, it was only because of their help and guidance and support that I managed to do it.

Just my opinion and my personal experience.
Post by: Anonymous on May 07, 2005, 02:44:00 AM
I totally get how everyone had vastly different experiences. Mine sucked because I was the black sheep of the school my entire stay. I did work crew outside in sub zero weather while everyone else went to class. I was put down and unheard by the staff. They tried to kick me out, but had no good reason even though I would have been glad to go. I don't know why, but I think they felt threatened by me. Anyway there was a huge difference between my experience and all the girls that faked their way through. They were going out to eat with John, while I shoveled horse manuer until midnight.
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