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Title: "Rehab Rock"
Post by: Anonymous on September 05, 2002, 03:31:00 PM
Steven Tyler at STRAIGHT, wow.  I have also read posts about Stevie Ray Vaughn visiting KIDS phasers at an El Paso AA meeting, JOURNEY members visiting either a STRAIGHT or KIDS of North Jersey, and one of the MONKEES also visiting a facility.  Does anyone have any additional details?  For a program that didn't allow music until a certain phase and considered the most elementary of mainstream tunes "druggie" there were a lot of musicians about.  Interesting.
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Title: "Rehab Rock"
Post by: ladyjerrico on September 06, 2002, 09:24:00 AM
One of the road managers for Journey visited Straight in Plymouth Michigan, he gave a good hour speech and told us about life on the road with Steve Perry and the rest of the band. He was also quite sympathetic to our situation and didn't give much praise to the staff, I think he knew something about what was going on personally, but he never let it be known to what he was really thinking. But by the time he was done talking, he had nearly everyone in the room crying and was given a standing ovation.
Wow, Stevie Ray Vaughan, I wish it was him that visited Plymouth. That would have been sweet!!

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