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Title: Straight, Boston.
Post by: sullyceltic on June 01, 2001, 04:51:37 PM
Straight, Boston.
anyone out there from straight new england????

i was there 12/87 - 9/89

the building is now Hartford Roofing co.

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Title: Straight, Boston.
Post by: BostonBrave on June 01, 2001, 01:50:43 PM
  Well, I drove to Evans Drive about a year ago. The property that had housed Straight was abandoned and weed-choked.I found myself wondering what had happened to the many other parents I had known there.Of course, the program did everything it could to make sure that there was no communication between the parents whose children were still in Straight and those who had "copped out".Because I was so rebellious as to allow my son to leave the program before "graduation" and live in my own place, I was shunned by the Straight community.

  I can't say that I would like to meet any staff,but it would be nice to hear from some of the parents I knew. I wonder if the intervening years have rendered them disillusioned with the brutalities of Straight,as is the case with me.

Title: Straight, Boston.
Post by: ramprato on June 01, 2001, 02:13:16 PM
Re: Straight,Boston
Thanks Brave, good post...

It gave me a rotten feeling in my stomach to hear what you went through for simply withdrawing your Son. I hated the many different ways they tried to isolate us from one another. I remember "graduating" and returning back to Michigan from the Cincinnati program, one of the "post-graduate" requirements was to attend two AA meetings a week if you were an out of town "graduate" like I was. I remember going into one of those AA meetings in that 6 month span, and there, right in front of me was a girl who left the program. I knew as part of my  6 month 7th step requirement was NOT to talk to her.

Hell, now that I think about it, I never communicated with that girl the entire 2 years I was down in Cincinnati because for a long time, both of us were on 1st phase and couldn't talk anyway, then she remained on first phase and left and I "progressed" thru the program. I remember that first AA meeting I saw her, I went ahead and just spoke with her anyway and made a great friend, haven't seen her in a while, but you can bet, when I do, she will know about this site.

I've posted this before many times how I HATED the segregation forced on all of us, because now when we are able to finally communicate with one another, it's cool to see all the unique individuals I've ran across. The fact that they tried at one time to suppress these talents in all of us that are now coming out on these boards is amazing itself. obviously and thankfully, it didn't work.

Title: Straight, Boston.
Post by: aillecat2112 on June 01, 2001, 10:39:46 AM
Re: Straight, Boston.
*nod* I used to drive by KIDS in Secaucus, NJ, possibly out of some morbid curiosity to get a glimpse of maybe who was still in there. As well as the fact that I saw some of the staff and graduates at meetings all over the place. The funny thing is, despite the damage  done to me, I still looked considerably less shell-shocked and paranoid than any one of them. And *they* still scared the crap outta me, I wonder what I did to them :)

For a while there was this network of  "cop-outs"  in NJ, and I was in contact with several of them, I have no clue what happened to them, really. I moved to Maryland to go to school, and play music for a living, then I came back to NJ and started slowly with transition, and now I'm in Massachusetts, having a great time in Northampton. Slowly but surely  "recovering".


Title: Straight, Boston.
Post by: jeff belflower on August 01, 2001, 11:11:22 PM
Re: Straight, Boston.
straight sucks, Dr. Newton up to his old tricks, the only way this man knows how to make money is off of delinquient kids that happen to have a problem. He is the preyer of the prey. A real jerk of jerks. I hate this man with a passion and think he sucks.