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Title: Imaginationland
Post by: ajax13 on May 19, 2018, 06:02:07 PM
The patently absurd story of the imposter addictions expert and All About Receiving Cash sect leader continues to be sold to the unsuspecting.  The Wiz did not found AARC, it was set up by the people responsible for sending Canadians to the Kids child abuse cult in the United States.  The Wiz has however, been at AARC  since 1992, rendering the claim that he spent twenty years researching adolescent addiction as preposterous as the rest of the nonsense emitted from AARC.  One phoney tale is piled on another.  The Wiz wrote his Project Demonstrating Excellence about AARC, after he had already taken control of the sect, and AARC now claims that his PhD "program" was really  “Adolescent Substance Use Disorders”.  The capacity for the sect to generate nonsense seems to be without limit.