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How ironic that Izzy, who has written so many separate blogs on Randall Hinton I've lost count, never mentions Sue Scheff and her long term relationship with Hinton.

Glad to hear the TB documentary made it into the trial, too late to help Kerry Layne Brown who according to a post I read on Fornits (PURE Documents files) was only informed of the earlier WWASPS class action lawsuit filed a few years ago, after one of the plaintiffs took it upon herself to tell him, apparently against Sue Scheff's wishes or advice.

How pitiful is that?
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Why wouldn't Sue Scheff want Kerry Layne Brown and his family to be aware of the WWASP lawsuit so this family could have been plaintiffs in this case?
Was Scheff trying to protect her friend Randall Hinton from becoming a defendant in that case for the horrible abuse Hinton inflicted upon Kerry Lane Brown?
Or, was Scheff possibly conducting business with Hinton at the time; and perhaps didn't want to mess up a profit-making-venture between herself and Hinton?
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You know, for a long time, I had an uncomfortable notion that maybe Sue was protecting Hinton. From what, you might ask? Well, possibly, from the consequences of the abuse he inflicted upon Layne. Why would I think so, you might ask? Well, its difficult to explain. But it was as if Sue held an undercurrent of hostility toward Layne. It was not overt in any way. But there was always an effort on her part to exclude him. For example - back when there were efforts to contact parents and kids about the CA law suit - she was opposed to telling Layne anything about it. She insisted his statue of limitation had run and that telling him about it would only frustrate him. (wrong) She expressed other concerns having to do with his fragile mental health. (wouldn't getting some measure of justice Help, not Hurt?) I decided to ignore her concerns, and told him about it.

There were other occasions, involving journalist, where Sue seemed hostile to bringing Layne in on it. Again, nothing strongly overt - but just a discouragement from doing so - a "concern" it might not be beneficial.

It always nagged at me - Why was she hostile to the idea of letting this young man be part of an attempt to achieve some measure of justice? I knew she had at one time worked with Hinton. I didn't know it had been during the time she was operating PURE. But I did wonder, if she were helping him keep his ass covered.

For awhile Layne was trying to find out where Hinton was. I think he was hoping there could be charges brought for his crimes, if he could be found. I noticed that reporters sometimes quoted anon sources, who had worked from the Program, and who appeared to be Hinton - and wondered how the reporters were finding him. One reporter did confirm to me he had interviewed Hinton, but he would not tell me where he was. I now suspect that when it suited her - Sue provided the reporters with his whereabouts and contact info. But if she had it, she never offered this info to Layne.

Shifty sort of fence she sits on, isn't it?
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What Carey Bock's attorney should do in the appeal case is do a request to produce documents pertaining to Sue's business, kickbacks, phone records, bank account statements, etc., and see if a link can be produced there.  But then again, I am not an attorney, that's just something I would consider if it were me.
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Randall Hinton's Most Recent Bio
As Copied From the White River Adventure Web Site, where Hinton was working prior to the opening of Royal Peak/Gorge Academy in Colorado.

ISAC Note: Every program cited as a reference is/was affiliated with the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS)/Teen Help and/or Robert Lichfield.

Randall Hinton is a husband to a beautiful wife and a father to two daughters and one son. He was employed by Brightway Adolescent Hospital to serve as a Psychiatric Technician under Dr. Goates, Child Psychiatrist for two years. He then went to Cross Creek Programs to work with Students in their Youth Leadership Program for one year. He assisted in establishing Spring Creek Lodge, Montana; Tranquility Bay, Jamaica; and Carolina Springs Academy, South Carolina, as the Assistant Director for each facility. He has worked in the Marketing Department (Teen Help) for 3 years helping parents place their children into the WWASPS Programs. Randall, as the Director, organized the facility and staff of The Academy at Dundee Ranch in Costa Rica. Randall left Dundee Ranch and the WWASP Organization June of the year two thousand and two. He has worked with at risk youth for the past ten years. Randall studied Psychology at Dixie State College. He has now dedicated his life to producing a better atmophere for young men and serving families in need.

For complete information on Randall Hinton, please visit our Tranquility Bay page and our main WWASPS page.