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Title: WHY They Blog ALL THE TIME==Scheff & Izzie
Post by: Anonymous on May 12, 2007, 06:10:47 PM
These 2 idiots blog and blog and blog and blog because both have a BAD REPUTATION.  Notice how Mz. Scheff is now blaming Carey Bock for EVERYTHING?  Getten ready for the big trial, are we Mz. Scheff?  LOL

If these 2 losers did not blog then all the fornits stuff about them would be RIGHT ON PAGE ONE after Googling their names.

Sound familiar?   It should because BOB LICHFIELD of WWASP did exactly the same thing but used JAMES WAHL out of Colorado.

Like Mz. Scheff, once Lichfield's business and personal reputations got SO UNBEARABLY BAD, then Lichfield hired companies to make him look good----------------------------just like Mz. Sheffie.....  :rofl:

Za Zing!  ::dove::  ::unhappy::