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Post by: Anonymous on January 27, 2007, 07:42:06 AM
How bizarre.  Isabelle Zehnder is writing about the 3 missing teens in Utah and discovers another blogger doing the same thing.

Next thing you know, Isabelle changes the format of her blog to look like the other blog (e.g. black format).

WTF? (

Other Blog: (long established on the web) (

Isabelle if you are reading Fornits, IMO you really NEED to stop producing material that looks like others.  I read your other 3 teens missing blog and believe me, it looked nothing like the one you are currently using.

What gives?

Is it so hard for you to appreciate and RESPECT the work, creativity and writings of others?

You seem to have a "history" of problems with this judging by what I have read here.

What gives?  

Who are you?  Do you have an identity of your own?

Inquiring minds want to know because this is truly bizarre.

Even your "lifetime" children's memorial is a knock off of the one done by Angellika's Arndt's family.

I can cite more examples but what's the point?

Either you RESPECT the work and creativity of others, or you don't.

Which is it?
Post by: Anonymous on January 27, 2007, 09:39:58 AM
Musings of the Lame is a GREAT BLOG!

FauxClaud (the blogger) is a dedicated adoption reform activist and talented designer and writer.

More than that, she has established herself among a group of friends and supporters with similar interests in the issues she blogs about.  

She doesn't need to hitch her wagon to someone else's persona or hijack their creative writing style and web design to have an identity.

Post by: Anonymous on January 27, 2007, 09:15:05 PM
IZZY seems always copying other people's her artitcle on "restraint;," her almost identical format from  ISAC; and her little copying from Paula Reeves' website.
IZZY must need to copy; or she'd find her own writing style and go with it.
But come on, doesn't she claim to be a paralegal, too?
And let's remember who her besty friend is...t she is even pushing SUE SUE on the blog about the run-away girls from NEW HOPE.
Hope SUE SUE didn't refer any of those girls to this maturnity home.
Post by: Anonymous on January 27, 2007, 10:19:21 PM
Well, I'm sure these pregnant girls didn't refer themselves.  It will be interesting to find out how they (and the others) ended up in this facility (New Hope) and also, the WWASPS related maternity homes.

WWASPS is well known for paying parents for referrals.  Either with a month's free tuition per referral or cash if they no longer have a child in a program.  The WWASPS v. PURE transcripts goes into considerable detail on this very subject.  

Randall Hinton, Sue Scheff, Kevin Richey, etc.
Title: Isabelle Zehnder
Post by: Anonymous on January 28, 2007, 09:29:50 AM
Yea, Izzy, WTF is it with you?  Are you sort of on the mentally retarded side of life and you can't come up with your own original thoughts because it's too taxing on your little brain?  'Cause if that's true maybe you should throw in the old towel before you get in some real trouble like a lawsuit you can't afford.

It's kind-a sad the way you conduct yourself.  Seriously not to be mean, but more you keep copying everyone else the less you will be able to come up with your own words and thoughts.  Not to mention what you are doing is illegal and we saw you already got kicked off of that self publishing thing. You've already got one lawyer very pissed off at you and that's stating it kind of mild.  

Do you have other interests in life, such as kniting or something?
Title: Fly Away Isabelle Zehnder FAT IZZY
Post by: Anonymous on January 28, 2007, 09:34:13 AM
WTF? (

Other Blog: (long established on the web) (

Yea, Izzy what is this copying and promoting your name stuff?  Are you kind of insecure like your side-kick Sue Sue?  
Post by: Anonymous on January 29, 2007, 01:15:49 AM
Oops, wrong on this one. Izzys was written on the 24th and the Musings one was done on the 26th. Seems Izzys was first after all. Doubt she'd have reason to change hers. She's done several blogs and they all are different. Really, who cares.
Post by: Anonymous on January 29, 2007, 04:56:34 AM
:wave:  Hi Izzy is that you?

It's not a question of who posted the story of about the three missing pregnant teens first.  

It's about IZZY publishing her blog on the "three missing teens" in a template (color scheme and format) that at some point was changed and NOW looks nearly identical to the one published by another blogger (MUSINGS).

MUSINGS is an adoption reform blog that has been around a long time, certainly longer than Isabelle Zehnder who just started blogging.  It is published on a black background with neon links.  It's a very "distinctive" look.  Lots of links and excellent resources for persons interested in this subject.

Anywho ... Isabelle apparently visited the MUSINGS blog and even posted on it.  Oddly she claims to have had the same experience as the Musings blogger when they each called the same reporter. (uh, okay ... another little coinky-doinky .. :rofl:).

Isabelle Zehnder said...

Very well said and exactly how I've been feeling. I have been extremely concerned about these girls. It is my hope they have help and support and that when they are found they will be allowed to tell their sides of the story. I fear for them and their babies if and when they are found.

I have written a blog addressing my concerns about the facility where they were staying. The director has had past affiliations with the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS). Please see the links below that will help explain my concerns.

One more thing ... I too called this reporter and she was typing as we spoke. I was under the impression she was interested in what I had to say and that she may do another piece on this. I didn't see anything today. I have a website at ( where I post the news for anyone who is interested. If anyone who reads this had a negative experience at either New Beginnings Maternity in Kanab, UT, or in New Hope Maternity in American Fork, UT, I would love to hear from you at (

Info re WWASPS: (

Isabelle Zehnder ( (