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Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: Anonymous on January 25, 2003, 09:45:00 AM
This is the kind of stuff that kept some of us sane on the guys' side.  Mainly "misbeavers" who were good at entertaining themselves (ourselves) and everyone else.  Did the girls' side do this stuff too?

When everyone else would say "Love ya So & so", we'd say something like "Love ya, queerbait" or "Love ya, Metallica!".  And there were others like me who would go even further with stuff that didn't even fit the love ya's by saying stuff like "Burn in hell!" or "What the fk ever" or "F.. You!".

Some of us would motivate with both bird fingers sticking up in plain sight.  We'd also do everything we could to bash people beside us with our elbows.

I can't remember girls ever doing this when we would announce song titles between raps... yelling out something like "Freebird" or "Seek and Destroy" if we got called on for a song.  I remember guys' voices yelling out stuff like that.

All of these fingers would be in the misbehaver's face pointing at the person talking, telling him to pay attention, and the misbehaver sits there pointing at his forehead meaning "apply it to yourself".

It was always hilarious when a misbehaver started doing the "sit up straight" thing with the fist spacing on the backs of chairs of everyone around him.

Misbehavers waving their arms in the "speak up" signal trying to get someone to keep talking louder and louder.  And even funnier was when they'd wave their arms to get staff to speak up.

I never did this, but I saw some who would act like they're gay and rub arms & blow kisses at whichever upper phasers were assigned to "babysit", sitting on both sides of him.

Finally, in the phaser room after dark, I know a lot of guys played air guitar, air bass, air drums and mouthed songs and other obscenities.

Am I forgetting anything?  What kind of stuff did the girls' side do?

David from Atlanta Straight 1988
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: JDavid on January 25, 2003, 09:47:00 AM
That was me who wrote that.  I guess I forgot to log in.

Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: Tampa survivor on January 25, 2003, 11:11:00 AM
I used to pull the littlest down feathers out of my jacket, set them alight on the currents of air in the St Pete bldg, and see how long they would fly, send em to the other misbehaviors, had all of us watching the same point in space at once.  Made the staff nutsy one night, cause they couldnt figure out what we were doing.
Got one across the aisle to the forbidden sex..they played along.
This ones a touch gross....used to pick up a fine greenie, balance it on the end of my finger, real inconspicuous like, and wait.  When the 5th phaser or target of the day went by, FLICK...STICK ( if lucky).  
Got Doug Hemminger one day....senior staff suprv. and he had no clue what was hanging off his shirt.
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: METALGOD8 on January 25, 2003, 12:01:00 PM
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: JDavid on January 25, 2003, 12:57:00 PM
Mornings the intake room (goal setting) before going into the group room: "I set a goal to clique with Walter and Thomas, I set a goal to talk out, I set a goal to come up with a way to cop out".

The goal setting reminded me of the "wrap it up" signal, twirling your pointer finger if the talker is dragging it out.  Dang, we could have had some fun with that... telling staffers to "wrap it up".  I wish I had thought of that.

Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: Ms.P on January 25, 2003, 01:21:00 PM
Open Meeting... it's time for the thrilling announcement... "2nd Phase!"!  His family cheers, the kid runs right through the parents' side and out the front door!! :razz:
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: hedwigfan on January 25, 2003, 06:49:00 PM
I actually misbehaved for a few days on 1st phase (age 19). This was when Alicia Crabtree and Stacey were misbehaving. During one open meeting, Alicia and I were crawling around on the floor in the very back row, singing "Paranoid" and "Iron Man". Surprise, surprise, I didn't earn talk that night. I got stood up at the end of that evening, but was not confronted. I think the staff were disgusted or something.
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: Shelby on January 25, 2003, 09:38:00 PM
My favorite thing to do was to inflict some serious kidney shots on the girls next to me when they were motivating then watch them frantically wave their hands at the fifth phasers. ::hehehmm::

Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: 85 Day Jerk on January 26, 2003, 03:20:00 AM
I made it a career to be as distruptive as possible once I realised that I had been secretly put on a court ordered program.  One of the first things I did as a jerk would be to target a girl in the food serving line "You look really nice today, wanna go out sometime?"  This would blow their mind so bad that no one would notice me grabbing an extra sandwich or piece of fruit.  For a short while, they had someone bring my food to me.  Another favorite was to lay down across 4 or 5 chairs and if anyone said anything, I would say I was saving the chairs for the biggest goons in group for when they came in from school, so they could straighten my ass out.  The St. Pete Times had just smeared the hell out of the program and the Jerry Vancil Incident was still fresh in the community so staff made damn sure there was'nt any physical abuse going on.  The worst thing the 5th phasers would do was to use plastic wiffle bats upside our heads if we fell asleep or were'nt paying attention.  Another favorite was to clique with another jerk and pretend we are sharing a joint.  That one always drove the staff wild.
      Singing was another favorite.  Like when someone was relating and they were full of shit, I would sing that song "Honesty" by Billy Joel.
Every time that Helen Peterman would come into group I would say "Frau Blooker!" really loud like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein and scream like a horse.  I guess I'll stop for now, or I'll be typing all night.

Undermine their pompous authority,
reject their moral standards.
Let chaos and anarchy be your trademarks
cause as much disruption as possible
but never let them take you alive................
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: JDavid on January 26, 2003, 07:40:00 AM
I wish we would have had a riot/mass escape.  Now that I'm 29, I can think of ways to incite a riot.  Maybe we should popularize some sort of  riot hand signal for kids to know before they go into concentration camps.

I talk about bashing kids beside me with elbows and trying to rip someone's throat out.  Then there's Shelby's kidney spiking.  It makes me want to point out that I never did that kind of stuff to the suffering phasers or the ones who were just compliant.  I only did that to super straightling types and ass-kisser newcomers.

Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: Tampa survivor on January 26, 2003, 10:41:00 AM
I figured anyone who touched me was fair game....
Or even more fun....perfected this one in ATL, ignore them.  Dont talk .  Dont respond..shut down.  Driving dirt bikes in my mind.
They were stumped.  
It worked.  One day I decided to join a rap, played the game one last time and split off 3 phase a few weeks later

I did get sat on the girls side once.  That was different. Oh, no, not by the CUTE ones...naw, can't have that now....I got screwed with by SCAREY chicks.  
Escaping was fun, but in 5 times, I never once got away off first phase.  Much better to plan, phase up, and bail when it gets too weird.
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: ClayL on January 27, 2003, 09:16:00 AM
There was this guy, Bruce B. and you could tell he wasn't all there. One day, during lunch he stood up in his chair and announced he was going to show the girls side his weenie and proceeded to do exactly that. Bruce was incredibly strong so NO ONE messed with him by themselves, heck, not even in a small group. I remember one time he had done something and was battling the 4th phasers. There was this huge pile with bruce on the bottom. All of the sudden there was this roar from under the pile and people were flying everywhere! Bruce stands up and has a 4th phaser on his back and one dangling from each arm.

Mark B. was doing lunch one day and Bruce hurled his PB&J at him or maybe it was his apple. Hits the wall behind the rap stools and goes everywhere. He was the only person I ever saw str let go.

On another note, I used to hear stories of this guy in St. Pete that stood up on his chair and did a face plant into the floor. Was never sure if this was true or not.

Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: 85 Day Jerk on January 27, 2003, 01:55:00 PM
Clay, you may be referring to the infamous Greg Henderson Open Meeting Suicide Attempt.  While open meeting went on and on, (with over 500 parents passing the mike and saying their love yous) this Neanderthal kid from Woodlawn in St. Pete maticulously unlaced his shoes and tied one lace to the leg of his chair, and made the other into a double loop slip knot.  Just as his mother stood up to yell at him for being on 1st phase for so long, he stands up on his chair and starts to really choke himself!!  His face turned beet red and the veins were sticking out and everything and people were coming completely unglued.  I was laughing my ass off, because as a fellow jerk, I knew he was gonna do it in advance, but even I got nervous after he just kept on like after a full minute and was swinging 5th phasers off like King King swatting airplanes.
His mother was in complete hysterics and after they got the noose off his head and carried him off to the Think Room alligator style, he hoarsely yells "Love you Mom!!!!!!"
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: JDavid on January 27, 2003, 06:06:00 PM
I remember the magic ingredient for catapulting one's self off of 1st to 2nd phase.  No one talked about it, and it took a while to figure it out...  "getting in touch with feelings" heheheheh, which in reality was learning how to make your face turn red and acting like what you're talking about is "so emotional".  Those who could get some tears going were even more advanced.  We became pretty good actors in there.

Oh well, this wasn't "Fun" on 1st phase.  All this talk about misbehavors' hatred for 1st phase reminds me of this though.

Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: No T&R on January 28, 2003, 02:37:00 PM
After my second escape, my punishment in Sarasota was to be placed in the girls group. It was a long, hot Saturday.
Staff asked, "who wants to sit by -D- and make sure he behaves all day.
They put 2 biggest girls on both sides of me. The 5th phasers smiled and whispered in my ear, "please act up so we can humiliate you in front of the guys". I felt PMS in air.
With those words of encouragemnt I sat up and accepted the poking, eye flicking and all around non stop harrassment. A few girls complained I was checking them out. I was told to pay attention to the person talking but stop checking out girls.  :???:

So after lunch I got to enter that world of sexual fantasy that guy first phasers only can dream of.....GIRLS RAP.....It was a hot sweaty afternoon in carpet room that day. The smell is something I will never forget. The girl staff came in and much to their suprise saw me in the middle of girl's side. "welcome back -D-....did you have a good time last escape?" asked the girls staff unable to control their laughter.
They threatened to have a really dirty GIRLS RAP about being sluts and kinky shit they did for drugs, but no deal. Just regular stuff. Afterwards, EXERCISES!!! I had been gone for 4 months so I was not in my perfect fitness as before. Had to make myself exercise perfect because those bitches were staring at every move I made, looking for weakness, ready to help me with poking, etc.
By night rap, the girls were used to me & I with them. I had melted into girls side and because I complied and would not give reason for fight, I became boring. Just one of the chics. The fun was over except a few 4th or 5th phasers who came in from days off to pick up newcs to take home. The look on their faces.
So Staff decided their was no more humilation to be had at my expense, I was allowed to go back to guy's side.
That guy's side never felt so good.

Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: Carmel on January 28, 2003, 04:05:00 PM
I remember I was being aware of a girl in one of the side "infirmary" rooms during Open meeting one night.  They were like large closets off the group room, so you could hear everything, but no one could see you.

Anyhow, parents were giving Mic Talks and this one kids Dad stood up to give him like his second or third Mic talk ever....I guess his dad lost it a little and didnt know what to say, so he just stood up and blurted out really loudly.... "HOWARD.....YOURE A CROCK!!!!"

Well, the ENTIRE group broke down laughing, even staff in front had to turn around and face our side of the room to keep from showing their smiles and giggles to the parents.  This of course made it 100 times worse for the group to keep straight faces.  I could see all this because our door was open, but the girl and I in the room just busted out laughing.  Thank God we were in that room because I would have gotten in so much trouble for laughing the way I did.  As it was half the group got confronted in OMR for losing control during Open Meeting.  It was a hell of a rap, but I will never forget that screaming...."HOWARD....YOURE A CROCK!!"
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: beckyuga on January 28, 2003, 05:56:00 PM
Atlanta people...
Do you remember a guy named Todd Lindsey (?) that misbehaved for like a year or so?  I think he was there 1982-1984; or maybe longer. I will never forget him or what he looked like because he always did some crazy things....I just can't remember what all he did.
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: kpickle39 on January 28, 2003, 10:58:00 PM
Beautiful Bob - you really crack me up. I can just see Helen Peterinyourmouse steam up.  She was a real bitch most of the time.  Glad to know you were able to get under her skin.
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: Tampa survivor on January 28, 2003, 11:21:00 PM
I knew Todd.  I was even his oldcomer once.  He was very very sick, and should not have been anywhere near str8.
I have thought of him often. I have mentioned Todd's name before, but you are the first who remembers him.  I wonder what happened, or what became of his family.  
Out of my 2 years in the program, I saw no other more obviously mentally ill person with us.  
He was brought into the program in St Pete if I remember right, then went north (1981)with them.  He was in ATL in 12-82 when I bailed for good.
St Pete & Atlanta
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: misbehaver on January 29, 2003, 03:56:00 AM
all these tidbits bring up one fine day that I actually got a helluva laugh and inflicted some deep hurt/embarrassment without throwing a single punch.

This mangy-ass cop-out phaser (female 14-15) had just run away again and decided to join the lot lizards at the truck stop. She was returned after a week or so and declared "the miracle CHANGE".

I'm a misbehaver so the staff stands their new "convert" up to blast me down. This dirty tramp had more miles on her back than a Mexican mule; and SHE'S gonna try to front me out??? Methinks not! I shifted into seek and destroy mode...

I noticed that she lined up at the medication cart 3 times (daily) and took some tube of gunk home.
So, the next time I line up for the med cart, I scan the rig until I figure out what her story was; she was using some type of vaginal cream to ease her discomfort. She shoulda left me be.

Next chance I got at the med cart, I snatched her clam cream and tossed it right into the middle of the Girls side. Passed from end to end, I'm sure everyone knew the bitch had an itch by then. I was so pleased that I exposed her crotch rot and didn't need to throw a punch or be restrained.One of the better days at Straight for me...Jason
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: Anonymous on January 30, 2003, 02:32:00 PM
Guys going jello may have been the bravest act of misbehavor (and sometimes funniest), in my opinion. I thought it took guts to slump, relax every muscle at risk of being dropped or punched without defense. That's rebellion.
It was even better if staff got frustrated with a jello misbehavor. Staff ran a big risk if they ignored jello. Can't let people lay around and sleep. So, staff put a group of guys to muscle jello into place, sit up straight. Even make jello modivate. This tied up manpower. Several jello molds can keep staff on their toes.

Anyone remember the afternoon the lightning knocked out power in group 83 St Pete? The Newtons lost it because there were so many misbehavors. They were blasting staff openly for not being able to control group. People were falling into misbehavor, who were complying in morning! The group was on Red Alert!! Jerks slapping trays of food as they walked down rows. One guy (S.Y.) threw his apple at the 1st step which seemed to explode in slow motion! Apple juice dripping from 1st Step. What a sight. Several jello molds that day. Since most of us misbehaved at one time or other, why didn't we do it the same day. We could have walked out the door. My regret.

Only saw one girl really jello out. A new intake from South America somewhere, was biting inside of mouth until she sucked up a mouthful, and then blew it like Gene Simmons over as many girls as possible. I remember paying attention to person talking, when suddenly the piercing shrill of dozens of girls screaming in anger & disgust scared me nearly to death. Then, the girls would wail on her (don't blame them). She didn't care. Jello & laughter. I felt bad for girls trying to clean up after that. She did that several times a day for several days until she disappeared. She beat the Newtons. She never belonged there.
Title: "Fun" on 1st phase; guys' side, girls' side?
Post by: beckyuga on January 30, 2003, 04:41:00 PM
Were the Newtons at St. Pete in 1984?