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Title: Straight Inc Survivors. Com
Post by: Kathy on August 01, 2001, 07:39:18 PM
Straight Inc Survivors. Com
Just a note to let you know, Straight Inc. Survivors has moved from it's homestead site to ( it has undergone a major overhaul. Feel free to check it out and feel free to let me know what you think, good or bad! Thanks.

(There should be a link at the bottom of this forum page too. )

Title: Straight Inc Survivors. Com
Post by: FaceKhan on August 02, 2001, 02:09:56 AM
Re: Straight Inc Survivors. Com
From a basic design perspective, you may want to stick to basic white background and black type. Since you want people to see the written information first and foremost, it is usually the best choice to leave it white.

Please, remove the destiny's child song from the front page, it takes a long time to download (even on a cable modem like mine) and wreaks havoc with download accelerators, plus the music distracts from the regular content.  

Slavish discipline makes a slavish temper... If severity carry'd to the
highest pitch does prevail, and works a cure upon the present unruly
distemper, it often brings in the room of it a worse and more dangerous
disease, by breaking the mind; and then, in the place of a disorderly young
fellow, you have a low spirited moap'd creature, who, however with his
unnatural sobriety he may please silly people, who commend tame unactive
children, because they make no noise, nor give them any trouble; yet at
last, will probably prove as uncomfortable a thing to his friends, as he
will be all his life an useless thing to himself and others... Beating them,
and all other sorts of slavish and corporal punishments, are not the
discipline fit to be used in the education of those we would have wise,
good, and ingenuous men...
John Locke, 1692

Title: Straight Inc Survivors. Com
Post by: Kathy on August 02, 2001, 12:00:05 AM
Thanks, I agree with most of what you said and made changes to the board.  Kathy

Title: Straight Inc Survivors. Com
Post by: Kathy on August 01, 2001, 05:07:55 PM
Thanks for the link!!  I like the site and hope to get my KIDS doc's up soon.  I have so much junk from MI guides to actual treatment plans.  More coming soon....