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Title: Jackie Gleason donated to Seed St Pete
Post by: damien on December 25, 2002, 09:42:00 AM
When I was in the Seed in 1973 in St Pete jackie Gleason donated a Limo to be sold. They put it on display in the "rap room" also I was a newcomer, my oldcomer in charge of me was Brent Sembler, his folks lived on Treasure Island I think, I lived with them for a month...
Title: Jackie Gleason donated to Seed St Pete
Post by: GregFL on December 25, 2002, 11:41:00 PM
The Limo was a present from Art Carnie and perhaps Jackie Gleason. Legend has it that Art Barker helped get Art Carnie Sober in AA.

Anyway, the stretch limo was used to transport Art back in forth between his waterfront home (donated I believe by Ft lauderdale seed parents) and the Seed, complete with driving "MR Artie" driver, and current mayor of Dania Beach,  Robert Chun. I think perhaps the Limo was donated a little earlier than 73, Damian, and it just made the tour up there with art one time.

Remember the big black guy Arthur?  I went in in July of 73 so perhaps we were in at the same time. You probably went in in late 73 if you were brent's newcomer.

Anyway, welcome.

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Title: Jackie Gleason donated to Seed St Pete
Post by: thom263 on March 02, 2003, 09:55:00 PM
Art + friends used to drive from Ft. Lauderdale to the St. Pete program every month or so.I remember an oldcomer saying the limo was a gift from Gleason, and that Art had a large sailboat that was also donated(I never saw it, but i believe it's probably true.) I think Art was well compensated  financialy.Does anyone have any idea how much money he earned from "The Seed"? Is it true Art was already a miilionaire when he started the program? Just Curious.        :wink:
Title: Jackie Gleason donated to Seed St Pete
Post by: Anonymous on March 03, 2003, 07:17:00 PM
To the best I can tell, Art was pretty broke when he started the Seed living on a boat and working as a part time comic at the playboy club in Miami  and bit part actor in several Miami produced movies. He is now a multi-millionare with interests in many businesses in Ft Lauderdale, all owned and operated by loyal seedlings (still). Yet, he lives very modestly and surrounds himself with the staff members from our youth. He is also very old and feeble.

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Title: Jackie Gleason donated to Seed St Pete
Post by: Antigen on March 03, 2003, 08:30:00 PM
I'm not sure I remember anything about Jackie Gleason. That would be rather odd, since Gleason had a reputation for drinking quite heavily. Otherwise unusually down-to-earth, even for a moderately wealthy guy. A friend of mine once saw him doing his own grocery shopping.

But I suppose he might have just been taken in by all the nifty PR and thought he was doing a good deed for a worthy cause.

I do remember that the mansion (no shit, deep water dockage in Venician Isles mansion.. he still owns it) was donated by a program parent who was a doctor. I wish I could remember the name.

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Title: Jackie Gleason donated to Seed St Pete
Post by: FueLaw on March 17, 2003, 05:40:00 PM
I was there the night Jackie Gleason donated the limo to the Seed. He used to go to open meetings from time to time.