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Title: bataka?
Post by: Anonymous on February 21, 2006, 01:42:00 PM
do any of you guys have the bataka block, or is that old skool?
Title: bataka?
Post by: BarnardlyB on February 22, 2006, 12:42:00 AM
dont you mean just the bataka???!!!!!
the bataka block is what you actually hit!!!!!
Title: bataka?
Post by: DS_KH on April 02, 2006, 10:13:00 PM
Pull up a chair...I rambled on this one...

While at MMS, I addressed a laundry list of issues. The first time I witnessed the bataka & the block being used, I was speechless for so many different reasons. I don't know that I could articulate my reaction even now, 8 years later. The first time I personally did some "bataka work" I felt like the biggest jackass swinging that big old lollipop at that cushion.

After a bit though, everybody in the room disappeared and I let 'er rip. I still don't know where all the "motivation" came from and I don't really care to analyze it anymore than I have. All I know is, is felt GREAT to get "it" all out, whatever "it" was. I was a rageful and extememly violent person prior to attending MMS. The greatest benefit of the bataka - nobody got hurt, therfore there was no regret or residual shame for me to grapple with.

That was just the beginning of my relationship with the bataka. It became my treatment assignment, compliments of Mike, to wear the damn thing on my back all day, no matter what and otherwise be in physical conact with it. Chores, group, school, skiing, meal time; that damn lollipop was strapped to my back. I don't remember exactly how long I had it, but it was months...

Rediculous as it sounds, I greatly respect the value of metaphorical learning. In my case, having a physical & tangible item or activity to represent an issue, etc. is:

1. Very annoying and seemingly pointless at first 2. "Issues" are ambiguous by nature and having "it" in front of me is a helpful way to realize, grasp, acknowledge, work through, and overcome _(fill in the blank)___.

Maybe it's just because of the way my brain works which makes it hard for me to approach and understand anything that isn't based on formulas or laws of science. It's like training wheels I guess. Especially when dealing with feelings and psychological issues that aren't concrete, neatly boxed things.

I just recently stumbled on this MMS forum and my jaw is still dropped reading the postings...I know what my opinion and experience at MMS did and still does mean to me. Notwithstanding, it pains me to know some former MMS ladies were harmed on whatever level they experienced that pain. Particularly regarding a young woman named Blair and what I've been able to piece together from the different postings that mention her.

What I've written is my personal opinion and experience with the bataka while at MMS and as stupid as I looked wearing that damn lollipop, it helped me tremendously and now it provides me with a good chuckle now and again.
Title: bataka?
Post by: Anonymous on April 03, 2006, 12:42:00 PM
the thing with that type of anger therapy is that it's proven to aggravate feelings of anger, not quell them... in other words, hitting things only increases anger not the other way around.  Another therapeutic fallacy of MMS.... that said, it was probably one of the few ways that I could release the rage at being so oppressed at MMS.