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Title: Gin, where can I find information on Staff Protocol.
Post by: Anonymous on December 29, 2005, 03:42:00 AM
I got the best feedback I could possibly imagine on Rules from Straight. I am still floored and havent' soaked all those in even though I read through them all. But I was hoping that someone might hold an old post on the daily routines and weekly routines of Staff memberadge.

I know Rich was on staff, and so were some others around here, I was just wondering if I could get kind of a head's up on the whole thing or at least some parts of it.

I know that staff were not typically licensed to do any of the sort of things they did to us kids, that's a given, and lots of them were Straight graduates.

I called an attorney one time and they said Melvin Sembler is a philanthropist. I laughed at this, now I think that some of the child/straight/ staff members thought of themselves as 'giving back' or some kind of philanthropismatic folk. What a hoax.

Anyways, any point in the right direction is much appreciated. I'm curious and still trying to retrace steps of my past, what is mine and what is not mine. This sorta helps me with relations with my family too, from those rules I gleaned direct interventions/ direct blocks that caused the further breakdown in family communication. Very helpful. And I can't wait to see some pics I heard are going to be around that prove that Melvin was directly involved in the day to day affairs of child rearing. Thanks again, and any further help is much appreciated.

I will kindly offer thoughts I have on Straight dogma, or something else for the transfer.
Title: Gin, where can I find information on Staff Protocol.
Post by: Antigen on December 29, 2005, 02:23:00 PM
Don Smith has done some writing about his experience as a Jr. Staffer. And, in the course of that, I think he's gathered some documents. Ask him. He's an alright guy, really. He does post here from time to time, but you can always reach him through his list on yahoo; straight_inc_alumni I think (dashes, underscores might be switched up)

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