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Title: Life after MMS
Post by: katfish on June 29, 2005, 11:15:00 PM
Hey Betsy,

Over here!  What's you life been like since MMS?

xo kat
Title: Life after MMS
Post by: Anonymous on July 04, 2005, 11:49:00 AM
Okay Kat, Here goes.......(need Coffee Hold on)....
ok, Well lets see....Well, Technicaly I graduated from MMS in '96. My Parents didn't think i was "done" and were planing on sending me to another treatment center after my summer"home visit". Gary, bless his heart, didn't think it was a good, fair, or even nice idea to make me start over, so to speak, with a new program. So I think he was able to talk John and the staff into letting me in another year. I was already going back for the rocky mountain front trip, SO began another Year of bagels and crm chs for breakfast, yummmm....
Well I graduated and I had applied to Saint Marys High School, but was rejected, due to my transcripts, I would have to start over as a freshman and I was going into my junior year. I got accepted by a small, small Prep school. 55 kids in the whole school and 9 in my graduating class. Thats where I met Paul, my Boyfriend, on and off, of now almost 8yrs.
The first few years out of mms was hard, hard and hard!!! My Parents treated me with untrust, and disrespect. I quickly learned that the reason for going to mms was yeah to better myself but more so to fix the family. I was the only problem and if i was fixed than family should be perfect right?? wrong. As part of the aftercare I was to have projects and stuff and I wanted them, simply to have something to do. I was bored. I think they felt guilty for making, or wanting me to work hard. My mom did wonder where my desire and determination to exercise and work hard came from....wherelse. Thats all I knew. I couldnt sit parents and I eventually started fighting old times. And they thought i hadn't learned anything.I was still the same old Betsy. My dad always wanted to know what MMS would do in this situation or that situation, but in no way can you turn my house into MMS, or even go by there consequences "out" here. My curfew was 10:00 always...and I was 17 at the time. When school was in I had to be home by 4:00 at the latest. I truly felt like I had had more freedom and independence at MMS. Even though it was more structured and more focused.  
I had never had a issue with food and ohhhh did i big time when I left. I lost a ton of weight or muscle for that matter and was probably the skinniest i will ever be. So essentually i didn't eat for a good two, three years and I exercised my ass off....on my on will and choosing of course.
End of junior year i had to get a job. My parents would provied food and shelter and I was to pay for EVERYTHING else. This angered me even more cause my brothers got everything payed (used) cars every time they wrecked the other one they had, had.
summer of junior year i had met some people through  work and this one girl became my best friend. we did everything together. My parents got to know her and my mom decided it was her place to tell my friend every little thing about my past and tried to do it when I was in the other room, I heard her. Thus begun four or five more years of arguments with my mom.
That August I was raped. My behavior changed dramatically and my parents took notice and asked what was wrong. I told my mom probably 3 weeks after and she said "im sorry you put yourself in that situation" my dad said "you better think twice before you say something like that, you can ruine someones career".
I started wearing black and scary type clothing and heavy metal became my favorite music and my parents were ohhhh so concerned. They called the school a hundred times.
Senior year my mom got in a car accident and was ran over twice. A ton of bumps a bruises but she was okay. It was really really scary.

Time for work...Ill finish later....its long...let me tell ya.
Ill try not to babble to much.
Title: Life after MMS
Post by: katfish on July 04, 2005, 08:26:00 PM
wow,  sounds like your parents are very unsupportive of you, damn!
Title: Life after MMS
Post by: Anonymous on July 21, 2005, 05:26:00 PM
hey kat....thought id finish my story; sorry got busy and have finally mustered up enough energy to do it. Ill  try not to babble to much.
Well end of senior year I spent the summer at Pauls(bf) house.
than due to wanting to get away from my parents  I found a community college 4-6 hours away
I hated it the miniute i got there. I called my parents and asked to come home and they said NO, this is what you chose so stay.
Pauls parents were more than understand and said come live iwth I moved back "home" so to speak and lived with pauls family.
Needless to say this is partly why they don't like eachother.
i attempted to go to college and It wouldn't work.I was failing...i was unhappy...depressed...sleeping LOTS and so i moved back to my parents house.
I was diganosed with Mono so I was just home for while.
summer of 2001 I went to MMS for an intership. I knew i needed someting and the shcool has always helped. I moved back in iwth pauls family after that, shortly and quickly I  moved back home and things actually seemed to get better.
My little brother was getting touble and for two years my family dealed with him...he to went to a wilderness and was sent away to a boarding school, each court ordered might i add.
I started working for a bakery near my home and had taken a few baking classes. I love it. Soon got a job as a baker and was really really happy.I even went to baking school and got certifed.  
2003 I worked for glacier National Park and had blast...if i could do it again...I would.
My mom that summer had a huge medical emergancy and alomst died. she through blod clots all over and one even in the artery of her heart. It was two weeks of pure fear.
I had planned to go back and work for the bakery I was working for but eneded up not. and thus began another years of being lost, yet once again. I had to get my own place due to my parents demand and my little btoher was coming home so i had to be out.
so i got my own place 800$ it was a lot just for me...counldn't find a good job and paul and i were  on and off AGAIN....
parents and Iwere fighting again and ym mom and I got in a HUGE fight over something stupid. she said some really mean things to me, to the point if i never spoke to her would be damn justified. I didn't talk to her for a good 6 months.
In May 2004 I went to work at yosemite. It was okay, paul and I were together and than off again.
When he broke up with me in Ocotber 2004 I said thats it.
I moved here to Arizona and lived with Heather another alumni. And in your own words Kat."what an experience" Once again everyone was telling me how angry I was and How this and that. I was full of shit all the time again and M&D are like her paretns so it was hard for me. Once again i was in mini mms.
But non the less i made new friends and partied my life up. Than the season ended and everyone left.
Paul came to visit me and devote his love to ne and I told him no....only way is if you move here.
So he did and now thats me.
Im a cake decorator for Safeway and when the season starts up im gonna go back to the country club i worked for and than School time.
Lifes good now and im happy.
Thats me...hope it was entertaining enough...

tlak to you soon