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Title: This freaked me out ---I almost couldn't believe it
Post by: Anonymous on May 28, 2005, 01:30:00 PM
Miller Newton touched my junk liberally. he strapped me in to his Straightmobile and he

couldnt keep his offensive hands off of me. he was performing many red flag touches. i

couldnt believe what the fuck was going on. i told Miller Newton the city would not approve

of a millionaire touching an underage kid for free.
can you believe it? Miller Newton did all this. he picked me off the street, strapped my arms

and legs down in the Straightmobile's passenger seat, and just wouldn't stop fondling my

they definately were red flag touches. the goddamn referee he had in the back seat kept on

raising up this red flag every time he touched my junk but did "Dr." Newton care? NO WAY! he

just kept on doing it. I couldn't believe what the fuck was going on, indeed. I pleaded with

Miller Newton but to no avail. I told him the city would not approve of such a wealthy man

touching an underage kid like me (at the time I was 13) without at least compensating me for

the trauma and the use of my body as his own personal plaything.
this got to him, worrying about his image. he continued to fondle me, all the while ignoring

the referee's red flags. then he drove the Straightmobile to my house and ejected the seat i

was in! it was amazing. but surprisingly, after I woke up the next morning, my bank account

had $150k in it!!! Can you believe it?????????????????????????